New Global Survey Finds Enterprises Lack Direction and Training for Workers on the Use of GenAI Tools   

UiPath (NYSE: PATH), a leading enterprise automation and AI software company, published its annual Global Knowledge Worker Survey that uncovers how employees are using generative AI (GenAI), the shortcomings and risks of the technology, and the opportunity for combining GenAI with business automation. 

Why Enterprises Should Run, Not Walk, to Combine AI & AR

In this contributed article, Kelly Peng, CEO and chief technology officer of Kura, discusses how marriage of AI and AR can combine to give us a world where we can do everything from communicate across language barriers to collaborate with remote employees like never before.

Kinetica Launches Native Large Language Model for Language-to-SQL on Enterprise Data  

Kinetica, the speed layer for generative AI and real-time analytics, announced a native Large Language Model (LLM) combined with Kinetica’s innovative architecture that allows users to perform ad-hoc data analysis on real-time, structured data at speed using natural language. Unlike with public LLMs, no external API call is required and data never leaves the customer’s environment.

Marie Kondo, Zen and the Art of Enterprise Software – and Why You Need to Care

In this contributed article, Joe McCunney, CEO & President, Scalar Labs, suggests that in its simplest terms, a Zen practice is the living embodiment of the phrase, “Less is more.” This article explains how embracing Zen principles – including concepts from master organizer Marie Kondo – and supportive tools can provide a consistent, simplified data management and validation framework in place.

Cloudera Expands Open Data Lakehouse for Trusted Enterprise AI 

Cloudera, the hybrid data company, announced today an expansion of its Open Data Lakehouse offerings enabling customers to have a foundation for analytic and AI capabilities in their enterprises for all their data – in the cloud and now on-premises. Cloudera was an early proponent of Apache Iceberg, introducing support in its CDP-Public Cloud offering last year and recently rolling out support for Iceberg V2.  Today, Cloudera is announcing support for Apache Iceberg for CDP-Private Cloud, available now as a tech preview and with General Availability later this summer.  Cloudera delivers Iceberg everywhere customer data resides facilitating innovation anywhere.

Cognizant Launches Cognizant Neuro®️ AI Platform to Help Companies Responsibly Deploy Generative AI at Enterprise Scale

Cognizant (NASDAQ: CTSH) announced a new, enterprise-wide platform, Cognizant Neuro®️ AI, designed to provide enterprises with a comprehensive approach to accelerate the adoption of generative AI technology and harness its business value in a flexible, secure, scalable and responsible way.

ChatGPT & LLMs in the Enterprise: Best Practices & Applications

While OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Bing, and Google’s Bard have received a lot of public attention in the past months, it is important to remember that they are specific products built on top of a class of technologies called Large Language Models (LLMs). Our friends over at Dataiku have put together a new report to learn how to use LLMs like GPT-4 in an enterprise context — beyond the simple web interface provided by products like ChatGPT.

Implementing AI into Enterprise Search to Make It Smarter

In this sponsored post, our friends over at Sinequa share how the advent of AI, enterprise search has transformed into intelligent search, precisely as was envisaged. This has far-reaching consequences on customer experience and, by extension, return on investment (ROI) in all industries.

Conversica Survey Shows Chatbot Customer Experience Significantly Impacts Vendor Evaluation for One-Third of B2B Buyers

Conversica, Inc., a leading provider of AI-powered conversation automation solutions for enterprise revenue teams, announced the findings of a new survey titled Chatbot Experience: How Satisfied Are Enterprise Buyers? The study found that while the majority of B2B buyers use chatbots when considering a business purchase (60%), the chat experience does not meet their expectations.

“State of AI in the Enterprise” Report, 5th Edition, Uncovers Four Key Actions to Maximize AI Value

The Deloitte AI Institute’s fifth edition of the “State of AI in the Enterprise” survey, conducted between April and May 2022, provides organizations with a roadmap to navigate lagging AI outcomes. Twenty-nine percent more respondents surveyed classify as underachievers this year, yet 79% of respondents say they’ve fully deployed three or more types of AI. It is clear despite rapid advancement in the AI market that organizations are struggling to turn implementation into scalable transformation. This year’s report digs deeper into the actions that lead to successful outcomes — providing leaders with a guide to overcome roadblocks and drive business results with AI.