Why the Modern Data Stack is Broken and How to Fix It

In this contributed article, Stavros Papadopoulos, Founder and CEO, TileDB, discusses how we are quickly reaching a threshold where the vulnerabilities of the modern data stack are starting to outweigh its advantages. Here’s what we need to do next.

Kinetica Delivers Real-Time Vector Similarity Search

Kinetica, the real-time GPU-accelerated database for analytics and generative AI, unveiled at NVIDIA GTC its real-time vector similarity search engine that can ingest vector embeddings 5X faster than the previous market leader, based on the popular VectorDBBench benchmark.

Navigating Cloud Migration: Choosing right Database for Cloud Migration of Your Data

In this contributed article, technical leader Kamala Manju Kesavan believes it is essential to periodically reassess your database strategy to ensure that it continues to meet your organization’s evolving requirements. If migrating to another database solution is deemed necessary, approach the process methodically, leveraging best practices and stakeholder collaboration to maximize success and drive business value.

NEW RESEARCH: Growing Database Complexity Will Fuel Significant Skills Gaps in 2024

Increasing complexity, the rapid adoption of emerging technologies and a growing skills gap are the biggest concerns facing IT leaders in 2024, according to The State of the Database Landscape, a major new survey from end-to-end Database DevOps provider Redgate. 

Post-Postgres: What’s Driving a Great Migration from the Iconic Database

In this contributed article, Tanya Bragin, product lead at ClickHouse, offers a thesis premised on an industry-wide shift from OLTP databases like Postgres for everything and into OLTP for certain functions and OLAP for others.

Big Data Industry Predictions for 2024

Welcome to insideAI News’s annual technology predictions round-up! The big data industry has significant inertia moving into 2024. In order to give our valued readers a pulse on important new trends leading into next year, we here at insideAI News heard from all our friends across the vendor ecosystem to get their insights, reflections and predictions for what may be coming. We were very encouraged to hear such exciting perspectives.

New Data on LLM Accuracy

Juan Sequeda, Principal Scientist at data.world, recently published a research paper, “A Benchmark to Understand the Role of Knowledge Graphs on Large Language Model’s Accuracy for Question Answering on Enterprise SQL Databases.” He and his co-authors benchmarked LLM accuracy in answering questions over real business data.

26 Years Since its Inception, Postgres is Just Getting Started 

In this contributed article, Charly Batista, PostgreSQL Tech Lead at Percona, explores why Postgres is on the rise and why Postgres’ brand of open source is good for business.
One of the most widely used database management systems in the world, Postgres still lags quite substantially behind the likes of MySQL and Oracle in total adoption.

Marie Kondo, Zen and the Art of Enterprise Software – and Why You Need to Care

In this contributed article, Joe McCunney, CEO & President, Scalar Labs, suggests that in its simplest terms, a Zen practice is the living embodiment of the phrase, “Less is more.” This article explains how embracing Zen principles – including concepts from master organizer Marie Kondo – and supportive tools can provide a consistent, simplified data management and validation framework in place.

DynamoDB vs. Cassandra: Which Database Is a Great Fit for Your Business?

In this contributed article, April Miller, a senior IT and cybersecurity writer for ReHack Magazine, believes that If you need a new database for your business, Amazon Web Services DynamoDB and Apache Cassandra are two of the most prominent options. Choosing between them isn’t easy, but this breakdown will help you feel more informed and confident.