Data Mining or Bust: How New Data Notebooks Enhance Contact Center Intelligence Aggregation and Analysis to Elevate the Customer Experience

In this contributed article, Tim Eyre, Chief Marketing Officer at Aceyus, discusses how managing the modern contact center involves extrapolating the most up-to-date metrics and data for companies to ensure success and enhance efficiencies. The best way to enhance data transparency is by utilizing dashboards equipped with data notebook capabilities.

Three Ways AI Can Boost Conversational Intelligence Across Your Enterprise

Artificial Intelligence can both help and scale human effort in building the conversational intelligence across the enterprise that drives successful business outcomes. In this eBook from Veritone, we will explore three common use cases of AI applied to customer conversations: (i) contact center insights – to drive improved customer interactions and call center efficiencies; (ii) […]

3 Achiever’s Tips for Stepping Up Your Cloud-based or OmniChannel Contact Center Strategy

Gone are the days when the only thing that customer service was comprised of was a phone call or email. Although they both are still used, the technologies driving them have evolved. Modern contact centers have moved far ahead in providing world-class customer service. As the customers demand more, the need for an effective customer support strategy has become increasingly important. To satisfy that need, contact centers continuously need to upgrade. Our friends over at UniVoIP Cloud provide 3 pro tips to help you step up your existing contact center strategy.