Three Ways AI Can Boost Conversational Intelligence Across Your Enterprise

Artificial Intelligence can both help and scale human effort in building the conversational intelligence across the enterprise that drives successful business outcomes. In this eBook from Veritone, we will explore three common use cases of AI applied to customer conversations: (i) contact center insights – to drive improved customer interactions and call center efficiencies; (ii) […]

AI Under the Hood: FunCorp.

In this new edition of our popular “AI Under the Hood” column, FunCorp Co-founder and CIO Denis Litvinov does a deep dive into his company’s use of AI on social media networks. AI is a key component of the popular social networks you use every single day. FunCorp develops and operates UGC services for different geo and audience niches.

What You Still Don’t Know about the Usage of Your Social Media Data

In this contributed article, Shachar Shamir, COO of Ranky, observes that though nearly all of us use some form of social media, few are aware of the full extent to which our data is collected and used. Our online data can take the form of political information, medical and biometric details, and other highly personal information, gathered not only from Facebook itself but also from our activity across the web. While the solution to the privacy problem ultimately needs to come from the policy end, users should nonetheless take precautions to protect their data.