How the Ties.DB Database Uses Blockchain Technology

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Ties.DB has launched the first public, decentralized and distributed database that has been created by members of the crypto community for widespread use. This cutting edge B2B product offers an outstanding solution for the soaring demands of data storage. The distinct feature of Ties.DB is the its flexibility and adaptability of its database for any blockchain project, or app, either on Ethereum, Ark, Waves, Rchain or any other.

TiesDB founders and the project team have decided to focus the company’s efforts on accelerating the launch of their database due to the enormous growth and emergence of various decentralized messengers, social networks, media, and large encyclopedias.

TiesDB has created a public, decentralized and distributed database that will solve the problem of storing non-financial content and quick data retrieval for dapps. Decentralized applications, in which there is at least one centralized component, for example, a classical database, cannot be decentralized per se, and they are prone to lockouts and failures. Until now, applications have had almost no choice but to use the centralized data bases. Now, however, Ties.DB will have created a solution which will give grant the possibility to users the ability to store their data also in a decentralized manner as well.

Decentralized projects, if they want to be truly decentralized in the future and be independent of external factors and problems with the jurisdiction of servers should deal now with the problem of secure storage of user data correct and safe storage of user data, profiles, documents and other non-financial data.  TiesDB database offers a unique infrastructural solution for the burgeoning market of decentralized applications and blockchain-based businesses.

How does Ties.DB use the blockchain technology?

Ties.DB does not store data on the blockchain unit, because data operation requires high speed and, large volumes of storage, which, due to the complexity of reaching consensus on the blockchain, cannot be ensured. Nevertheless, blockchain technology is vital for the Ties.DB platform. What is its function and what is the exactly the mechanism of the blockchain technology used by Ties.DB?

Ties.DB is completely decentralized and therefore does not have a single management center. However, to manage the database without this, is an extremely difficult task – all participants in the database network need to reach a consensus about the determining conditions for working with data – access rights, the structure of tables, etc. Because of this, it would be convenient to have a single center managing containing this data. This is the reason Ties.DB implements blockchain technology – it allows for the use of a decentralized management center. This decentralized center it stores key meta information and, in doing so, by its nature does not violate decentralization. Meta information is rarely changed and, it is mostly only read only, so it does not affect the working speed of working with the database.

In addition, users of the database network make reciprocal payments, sometimes using the blockchain. The main calculation is in done off-chain mode for speed, however, sometimes, this operation is recorded on the blockchain, to send or withdraw these payments. the earned money or send it.

Integration of the database within the blockchain also uses the basic data structures of the blocks to define cryptographic algorithms, identify users and to encrypt their interactions. Thus, when integrating a database with blockchain, a user, while working with TiesDB database, operates with the familiar mode – the blockchain uses native addresses for the blockchain address, electronic signatures, etc.

Ties.DB and the blockchain ecosystem

It is well-known, that all types of blockchains compete. But data storage in a decentralized network is crucial for each one. There is a world of decentralized applications based not only on Ethereum. Imagine for a second that among the blockchain users there are potentially those who would like to create dapps, digital applications or programs that exist and run on a blockchain or P2P network of computers, based on the coin and infrastructure of the blockchain. Will they confront with any problems? Of course. Now, these users do not have the infrastructure, and therefore – the possibility to create anything. We provide them with such an opportunity very easily. We create Ties.DB connectors and bundles with each blockchain which will allow to use the blockchain infrastructure for decentralized storage of non-financial data in the Ties.DB server network. In fact, this will mean that the servers of our network will use any of the blockchain to encrypt the dapps data, which run on this application.

The use of the Ties.DB infrastructure opens many new opportunities for each blockchain user. These opportunities y include:

  • The developers’ team chooses the blockchain technology not only because it is easier to conduct a token sale, but also because a decentralized database already exists in connection with it. The developers will not be motivated to go to Ethereum to create digital applications on blockchain, they will have a decentralized database on their favorite blockchain at their disposal.
  • The entire economy of digital applications will be focused on capitalizing precisely the type of blockchain the dapps use, and not monetizing Ethereum
  • Developers will finally have access to a fully, decentralized database infrastructure using the TiesDB platform.
  • Ties.DB can store most data types including, text files and user profiles amongst others.  It also offers the capability of searching by content, with very fast results search and document retrieval. It can administer millions of requests per second, and it also can also store extremely large files (video, music, PDF, etc.). This novel opportunity will allow users of each blockchain to stay inside Ties.DB common infrastructure and not to buy alien coins of different projects for implementing different technical capabilities of the project.  Instead, they will be able to purchase TiesDB token, which is very convenient for reciprocal payments within the system.

To sum up, blockchain technology benefits immensely from integration with decentralized data bases. The unique infrastructural solution offered by TiesDB will meet the growing demand and acute need in crypto and IT communities, and it will make possible not only to store terabytes of non-financial data but also grant the possibility to conduct quick search in it.

About the Author

Alexander Neymark is TiesDB CEO and founder. Alexander has significant experience in launching and developing innovative financial services in banks and telecommunications companies. In 2012, he began his work on creating a platform for aggregating financial user data (account aggregation technology), which was implemented in the final development of Krawlly ( creating smart crawlers for aggregating financial user data. 


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