Are Commercial Providers Really the Villains in the Open Source World? 5 Myths Debunked

In this contributed article, Eero Teerikorpi, founder, CEO and chairman of the board of Continuent, discusses how numerous misconceptions exist about the interaction between commercial entities and the open source community; many often inaccurately assume that commercial providers stifle innovation, solely exploit open source without contributing, and cause a loss of control over projects. This article addresses these myths and emphasizes the importance, value and significance of adopting a more balanced perspective in which commercial and open source interests coexist to drive innovation and sustainability in software development.

Video Highlights: Open-Source LLM Libraries and Techniques — with Dr. Sebastian Raschka

In this video presentation, our good friend Jon Krohn, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist at the machine learning company Nebula, sits down with industry luminary Sebastian Raschka to discuss his latest book, Machine Learning Q and AI, the open-source libraries developed by Lightning AI, how to exploit the greatest opportunities for LLM development, and what’s on the horizon for LLMs.

PingCAP Empowers Open Source Community with New GitHub Data Explorer Tool

PingCAP, the provider of the advanced distributed SQL databases, announced the introduction of its new GitHub Data Explorer tool. This innovative new tool is built to help developers and open-source contributors achieve deeper insights into their GitHub activity, streamline workflows, and increase productivity.

DataStax Acquires Machine Learning Company Kaskada to Unlock Real-Time AI

DataStax, the real-time AI company, announced it has acquired Kaskada, a machine learning (ML) company that first solved managing, storing and accessing time-based data to train behavioral ML models and deliver the instant, actionable insights that fuel artificial intelligence (AI). Both DataStax and Kaskada have a track record of contributing to open source communities. Datastax will open source the core Kaskada technology initially, and it plans to offer a new machine learning cloud service later this year.

Oracle to PostgreSQL? 6 Reasons to Make Your Open Source Migration

[SPONSORED CONTENT] In this sponsored post, Kirk Roybal, PostgreSQL Database Reliability Engineer at Instaclustr, outlines how Postgres offers some especially enticing advantages for enterprises looking to trim (if not downright slash) costs without impacting database performance. Here’s a half-dozen reasons enterprises should consider the fully open source version of Postgres as a more-than-capable Oracle replacement.

The Defining Role of Open Source Software for Managing Digital Data

In this contributed article, Pimcore CEO and Co-founder Dietmar Rietsch discusses how open source innovation has changed the face of businesses and technology over the last two decades. We are now redefining innovation process. That is, in order to do something new, we don’t have to build something new— we can use existing and emerging forms made available through open access, and do something new with them. This promotes democracy in the innovation game with the least restriction and lowest friction.

Video: New Survey Looks at What’s Driving Companies to the Cloud

In this video from KubeCon 2018 in Seattle, Abby Kearns from the Cloud Foundry Foundation looks at the results of a recent survey on key factors driving the enterprise to the Cloud. “We’re seeing a virtuous cycle, as comfortability with one technology results in lightning-speed adoption of more advanced technologies. In a decade, we can expect serverless to be as commonplace as PaaS.”

Combining the Benefits of Commercial & Open Analytics

A new e-book explores how organizations in many industries are using open source analytics and SAS, getting the most from both, and what role SAS plays throughout the analytics life cycle.

Combining the Benefits of SAS and Open Source Analytics

As we think about the entire analytics life cycle, it’s important to consider data preparation, deployment, performance, scalability and governance, in addition to algorithms. Download the new e-book explores how organizations are using open source analytics and SAS, and what role SAS plays throughout the analytics life cycle.

The hidden costs of open source

Clusters based on open source software and the Linux® operating system have come to dominate high performance computing (HPC). This is due in part to their superior performance, cost effectiveness and flexibility. To learn more download this white paper.