How Optical I/O is Enabling the Future of Generative AI: A Q&A with Ayar Labs CTO Vladimir Stojanovic

As we look at the future of AI and the challenges it faces, who better to provide insights than Vladimir Stojanovic, CTO and co-founder of Ayar Labs. In this Q&A interview, we’ve asked Vladimir a dozen questions about how Ayar Labs’ technology is enabling the growth of generative AI.

Interview: Razi Raziuddin, CEO and Co-founder, FeatureByte

I recently caught up with Razi Raziuddin, CEO and Co-founder of FeatureByte, to discuss how his startup with a data-centric AI solution simplifies feature engineering for data scientists. FeatureByte helps data scientists break down silos in AI practices, scale up feature engineering and scale up their AI. The company has $5.7M in funding, and an experienced team of former DataRobot execs, including a Kaggle Grandmaster (the #1 rank on Kaggle).

Interview: John Shaw, CEO, Add Value Machine, Inc.

In this exclusive feature, we’re thrilled to introduce John Shaw, CEO of Add Value Machine (shortly AVM). As a seasoned tech entrepreneur and AI visionary, John is at the helm of AVM’s mission to revolutionize the way businesses utilize Generative AI. The company is dedicated to developing a secure and compliant platform, addressing a critical need for enterprises and accelerating the adoption of AI to drive substantial business value. Throughout this interview, John shares insights about AVM’s unique approach, its value proposition, and how it navigates the evolving landscape of Generative AI.

Interview: Ashok Reddy, Chief Executive Officer, KX

I recently caught up with Ashok Reddy, CEO of KX to discuss how his company’s work in the area of real-time analytics. more specifically, using AI and machine learning to provide insights for making better decisions quickly is one of the most exciting spaces in technology today. Increasingly, machine data from sensors and IoT, and AI and ML are influencing this strategic shift we’re seeing toward real-time forecasts and recommendations.

Interview: Dr. Susan Hura, Chief Design Officer at

I recently caught up with Dr. Susan Hura, Chief Design Officer at to discuss the bank-end work that goes into developing an intuitive conversational AI-supported chatbot. She’ll also dispel some of the myths behind developing and introducing a CAI-empowered chatbot into a business’s digital platform. Whether used out-of-the-box or customized, a chatbot’s design plays a more strategic role than one might think and requires an immense amount of human input to create.

Interview: Prat Moghe, CEO of Cazena

I recently caught up with Prat Moghe, CEO of cloud data lake leader Cazena to get his take on how getting off the ground with cloud data lakes continues to be a major frustration for enterprises. We’re seeing such deployments taking at least six months and millions of dollars of annual spend for in-house development and management. There’s got to be a better way. Gartner has estimated the failure rate of big data projects as high as 80%. What can you do about companies that stubbornly hang on to legacy data strategies, using analytics/BI approaches that put them ever-more behind competitors who are modernizing their data stack with AI/ML/etc? In this interview, we’ll get some valuable perspectives for you to follow in accelerating your time-to-analytics.

Interview: Unlocking Audience Understanding with NLP AI

I recently caught up with Andrea Vattani, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, Spiketrap, to explore the path forward for brands looking to unlock true understanding of their audiences and their communications in the context of the world. Only two months into 2021 and nearing our second year of the pandemic, consumer behavior has changed rapidly and will continue to evolve as we adapt to new ways of life. So, how can brands keep a pulse on their shifting audiences this year and beyond?

Interview: Luminati CEO, Or Lenchner

I recently caught up with Or Lenchner, CEO at Luminati, to discuss his company’s Data Collector product, an automated data collection tool, allowing customers to collect the most accurate data at scale quickly, easily, and without getting blocked. The Data Collector integrates and automates all stages of the data collection process for customers but leaves them in full control over the data they collect.

Interview: Targeting is Becoming a Data Science Problem

I recently caught up with Miguel Araujo, Director of Data Science at Semasio, to explore the question: with the impending loss of the cookie and changing nature of tracking user IDs, what does the future of targeting look like? Moving forward, advertisers must reference and merge a plethora of user attributes to make predictions about target audiences. As such, the traditional boundaries of targeting will begin to erode — becoming more of a data science problem.

Video Highlights: COVID Data Community Profile Report

With the COVID-19 data now open to the public, the need for better analysis and aggregation of that information in the U.S. has skyrocketed. If you’re interested in learning more about the current trends impacting the nation and the data that backs it up, check out the Datapalooza COVID Data Community Profile video presentation below, hosted by data journalism firm, CareSet.