The CFO’s Quest in an AI-first World

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A new research study with HFS Research from Genpact (helping leading finance organizations with digital transformation) found that leading CFOs expect AI to be the “future” of their company. The CFOs surveyed – including chiefs from HP, HSBC, Trinity Health and more – see the biggest potential for data analysis, customer integration and forecasting, but also expressed concern about how to take the next step. 

What can they do? Genpact’s Vivek Saxena, SVP and service line lead for FP&A, argues CFOs need to get started NOW, as Genpact found that most genAI implementations in finance will be completely realized within two years. CFOs need to review how their controls are defined (automated or manual) to make the control team more proactive and embedded within the business. From there, CFOs can drive technology initiatives to enable accurate personalization and data-driven decision making. 

The report explores how CFOs are navigating change and becoming champions of growth by:

  • Unlocking agility through digital transformation: Peek into the future of finance operations: streamlined, connected, and automated by digital technologies
  • Harnessing the power of generative AI and predictive analytics: Find out how these hot technologies are strengthening forecasts and personalizing data and insights
  • Owning the sustainability agenda: Learn how CFOs are incorporating ESG metrics into their goals

In today’s economic climate, CFOs are facing uncertainties from every direction: volatility, geopolitical tensions, and rising costs. But this instability has also opened doors for innovation. This is why leading CFOs are pushing beyond the numbers to shape their companies’ futures. In this new terrain, they’re finding creative ways to grow, make strategic decisions, and leave a lasting impact on society and the environment. This is how you can lead your business with confidence. Follow in the footsteps of CFOs who are already on their quests. 

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