Lenovo Accelerates Smarter AI for All with New AI Solutions that Save Energy, Speed Deployment and Fast-Track AI Use Cases for Every Industry 

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Lenovo unveils array of hybrid AI solutions to empower even more industries with comprehensive services, business-ready applications and 6th generation Lenovo Neptune liquid cooling innovations that enable the practical application of AI  

Lenovo unveiled new comprehensive enterprise AI solutions designed to help any company develop and deploy AI with turnkey services, business-ready vertical solutions and energy efficient innovations designed to accelerate the practical application of AI. To address AI applications of all types, the expansion includes new comprehensive services with NVIDIA through the Lenovo AI Center of Excellence, new validated AI Innovator solutions from pocket to cloud and the 6th generation of Lenovo Neptune liquid cooling designed to support the mainstream rollout of AI-ready computing without sacrificing energy efficiency. 

Joint research with IDC and NVIDIA, commissioned by Lenovo, reveals generative AI as the top tech investment priority in 2024 among IT and business decision-makers (ITBDMs) from across the globe. The new expansion is part of Lenovo’s previously announced US$1 billion investment over three years to accelerate generative AI deployment and paves the way to “Smarter AI for All” with solutions that simplify adoption, deliver faster outcomes and maximize performance and efficiency at any stage of the AI journey.  

“Delivering generative AI to every company around the world requires end-to-end infrastructure that is purpose-built to simplify the path to AI innovation and enable real-world applications,” said Scott Tease, vice president and general manager of High-Performance Computing and AI at Lenovo. “With these new offerings, Lenovo is enabling validated, AI-ready use cases for customers across every industry globally.” 

Smarter AI Accelerates Real-World Benefits: Moving AI from Concept to Reality  

  • Lenovo’s third annual CIO report illustrates the increasing focus global IT leaders are placing on AI, but it also reveals that most organizations are struggling with how to deploy AI-powered solutions quickly, effectively, and securely.  Offering a comprehensive AI services portfolio aligned with Gartner’s Five Critical AI Adoption Phases, the Lenovo AI Services Center of Excellence (AI COE) helps customers find the right solutions to put AI to work for their organizations quickly, cost-effectively and at scale, bringing AI from ideation to reality. To build real-world proofs of concept, Lenovo AI Fast Start delivers live solutions to demonstrate Generative AI deployment and showcase business, operational, and technology results. Businesses can accelerate and quickly scale AI using full-stack NVIDIA-based solutions through Lenovo AI Fast Start for NVIDIA Enterprise coupled with new AI Fast Start for NVIDIA NIMs.  These services shorten time to market and simplify the deployment of validated, vertical Generative AI applications using NVIDIA AI Foundation models on any cloud or data center. NIM microservices provide developers production-ready, optimized inference engines for popular AI models available from NVIDIA and its partner ecosystem. Combined with NVIDIA NIM inference microservices, Lenovo AI Fast Start makes AI workloads a reality and reduces the overall time to AI-driven outcomes for industry leaders in manufacturing, retail, telecommunications and more. 
  • New AI Fast Start for AI Innovators helps companies set up, demo, and build tailored AI use cases by combining any of the 165+ turn-key Lenovo AI Innovators program solutions to quickly and effectively prove AI and drive real ROI. 
  • With AI Advisory services coming soon, Lenovo experts will build upon a company’s AI readiness to define the desired business outcomes and build a tailored roadmap to organizational adoption of AI at any scale, from pocket to cloud. With a people-centric focus on AI adoption, services will include training and tools to help customers engage and enable their employees through the AI journey. 
  • To get started, Lenovo AI Discover helps customers visualize and map out their strategy and resources for AI adoption to rapidly unlock real business value. Lenovo’s experts assess the organization’s AI readiness across security, people, technology, and process—a proven methodology—with recommendations that put customers on a path to AI success. 

Smarter AI Delivers Business-Ready Solutions for Faster Outcomes: Entering the Age of AI Everywhere 

Across its portfolio of 165+ AI Innovator Solutions, Lenovo is delivering AI-powered outcomes focused on productivity, customers, quality and innovation with tailored solutions that harness data across retail, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, finance or smart city applications. Customers can quickly find validated, ready-to-go and purpose-built AI solutions specific to their industries and use cases. 

Inspired by a joint vision and supported by NVIDIA, Lenovo is bringing customers the following scalable, secure, end-to-end solutions to establish or expand their AI and solve challenges from pocket to cloud, all available to fast track and scale immediately with the new Lenovo AI Fast Start services: 

  • Smart Virtual Assistant: Lenovo, NVIDIA, and DeepBrain offer customer service using an AI and human solution that creates a virtual employee to serve customers with an AI-powered kiosk. 
  • Smart Travel: Lenovo AI enhances the safety of air travel: with an automated anti-bird strike solution. Using Lenovo AI ThinkSystem SR650 servers with NVIDIA GPUs, The Edge Company creates a high-performance appliance that enables airports to protect their airspace. 
  • Smart Manufacturing: Lenovo and NVIDIA help makes zero incidents a priority working with Graymatics™ to offer video-based analytics. LabVista™ is a multi-industry solution, leveraging existing CCTV to provide deep insights on workplace safety, efficiency, and compliance. 
  • Smart Retail: Lenovo AI shapes the self-checkout of tomorrow, leveraging the Everseen Visual AI™ platform to create better customer experiences while reducing loss for retailers

With key ISVs, Lenovo is also developing AI ecosystems regionally while ensuring responsible solutions are available to empower innovation everywhere. Al Hathboor Bikal.ai and Lenovo just unveiled DialogXR, the UAE region’s first locally deployed, AI-powered solution for streamlining business operations, using Large Language Models (LLMs) to automate tasks, enhance customer service, and provide on-demand insights and training for employees. The securely trained chatbot uses an organization’s unique data and leverages the state-of-the-art Lenovo Neptune liquid cooling HPC cluster within the Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP) to support reduce energy consumption while accelerating AI. 

Start the Smarter AI Journey with Data Science Optimized Solutions 

Lenovo continues its investment in accelerating AI development and enhancing hybrid capabilities through its expanded AI PC portfolio and services. With NPU-enabled Lenovo ThinkPad devices and Dynamo AI for AI Innovators, enterprises can safely deploy generative AI applications with embedded multilingual evaluations, remediations, and guardrails. The sleek and ultrathin Lenovo ThinkPad T14s Gen 6, the first CoPilot+ PC from Lenovo with 40+ TOPs capability, offers built-in AI performance, enterprise readiness and superior efficiency with the most efficient processor on the market today to help remote workers stay productive from anywhere —no plugs needed.  

Enabling more advanced AI workflows, Lenovo offers its largest ever portfolio of NVIDIA Certified desktop and laptop workstations for NVIDIA AI Enterprise, delivering the highest-performance computing capabilities required to develop AI projects. Lenovo’s ThinkStation PX is desktop and rack optimized, and is the world’s most powerful workstation for AI development, capable of supporting up to four of NVIDIA’s highest end RTX professional GPUs. The recently announced ThinkPad P1 Gen 7 serves as Lenovo’s most powerful AI PC and includes a dedicated neural processing unit (NPU) plus advanced NVIDIA RTX professional graphics for a premium AI experience.  

Smarter AI Takes Liquid Cooling Mainstream: 6th Generation Lenovo Neptune Liquid Cooling 

With more than 40 industry-first patents, Lenovo is pushing the envelope on liquid cooling technology, with the 6th generation of Lenovo Neptune liquid cooling, extending its industry-leading Lenovo Neptune liquid cooling for mainstream use throughout its ThinkSystem V3 and V4 portfolios.  

Lenovo Neptune™ has led the world in data center cooling technology for more than a decade, pioneering its proprietary method of using liquid to remove heat and enabling customers to realize up to a 40% reduction in power consumption compared to traditional air-cooled systems. The direct water-cooling solution recycles loops of warm water to cool data center systems and keep all the server components cool, reducing the need for power-hungry system fans in data center operation.  

New design innovations address more multi-node, traditional enterprise, HPC, and AI-optimized servers and components: 

  • New On-Memory cooling for ThinkSystem platforms allows customers to select from CPU and memory options to efficiently reduce heat and maximize performance where it is needed most. 
  • New GPU Cold Plate design cools accelerators consuming ~700W now with future designs for more than 1000W of cooling power per accelerator.  
  • Enhanced, industry-unique cold plate cooling fan and flow design maximizes heat extraction for high power CPUs and accelerators in a dense 1U footprint using a liquid loop. 

Additionally, colocation partnerships are helping customers implement high-performance private AI even if they lack the data center footprint or infrastructure for liquid cooling. Partnering with Lenovo, Digital Realty, recently built on its high-density colocation offering with the introduction of Lenovo Neptune cooling technology in more than half its data centers globally, representing a significant leap in addressing the challenges of high-density workloads presented by AI.  

“The enormous increases in data being generated in recent years have created unprecedented demand for accelerated computing power, at a time when AI is also demanding accelerated computing,” said Chris Sharp, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Digital Realty. “Lenovo Neptune™ liquid cooling is designed to make enterprise computing as powerful and efficient as possible. Together, our partnership is empowering customers to meet their sustainability goals and exponentially grow generative AI capabilities through infrastructure that doesn’t sacrifice efficiency for higher performance.” 

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