FinTech Studios® Launches Apollo PRO® and RegLens PRO® Market Intelligence and Regulatory Intelligence Apps Powered with Conversational Generative AI 

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Growing base of 800,000+ users on leading Gen AI enterprise search platform now have access to factually correct, attributed real-time market intelligence and regulatory intelligence combined with  ‘conversational chat’ and ‘suggested prompts’

FinTech Studios Inc., a leading Gen AI platform for enterprise search, market intelligence and regulatory intelligence, announced Apollo PRO and RegLens PRO, the most advanced generative AI enterprise search, market intelligence and regulatory intelligence apps that includes a “conversational chat” interface and contextually relevant “suggested prompts”, seamlessly integrated with millions of authoritative sources of web and enterprise content. The platforms leverage leading LLMs, including OpenAI’s recently announced GPT-4o, to deliver real-time, attributable, fact-based generative insights, workflows, market intelligence and regulatory intelligence for corporations and financial institutions. In addition, Apollo PRO and RegLens PRO will also support additional leading LLMs, including from Amazon, Anthropic, Google, Meta, Microsoft and others, later this year.

FinTech Studios latest Gen AI capabilities dramatically speed up the research process for business and financial professionals – providing accurate, instant answers with citation links for built-in auditability so users can easily check the original source for context and validation.

Apollo PRO and RegLens PRO solve the issues of both timeliness and ‘hallucinations’ with LLMs by processing relevant content in real-time, including source citations and fact attribution, and by integrating Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technology combined with FinTech Studios real-time and historical structured metadata, curated LLM prompt libraries and dynamic suggested prompts. Accurate insights and answers include source citations and hyperlinks to the actual articles and documents mentioned in response to user search queries, conversational chat, and suggested prompts. 

“Today, our growing base of 800,000+ enterprise users are searching intelligently across millions of authoritative sources of external web content and internal enterprise content in 49 languages, leveraging FinTech Studios’ revolutionary AI platform — and finding key data and insights with greater speed and reliability,” said Jim Tousignant, CEO and Founder of FinTech Studios. “We are excited to roll out new Apollo PRO and RegLens PRO generative AI capabilities to our clients – delivering on the vision of seamlessly finding insights in real-time from millions of sources all in one place, with intelligent search, source attribution links and Generative AI technology on top.”

Apollo PRO and RegLens PRO provide a more intuitive, personalized, search experience by leveraging the latest advances in artificial intelligence to make unstructured data more accessible. Apollo PRO and RegLens PRO conversational search engine provides concise and accurate answers to user queries, and summaries of personalized channels and dashboards by searching millions of sources in real-time and summarizing relevant information from various sources. 

Instead of providing a list of links like other traditional search engines, Apollo PRO and RegLens PRO generate answers to user searches by analyzing and summarizing the most relevant information from authoritative websites, journals, blogs, and other online sources. The answers include attribution citation hyperlinks to the original sources, allowing users to fact-check or explore further. As generative AI continues to transform enterprise workplaces, FinTech Studios latest products also provide clients with advanced AI-powered search, summarization, and chat capabilities securely atop customers’ proprietary organizational knowledge, and can be combined with FinTech Studios’ extensive content universe from millions of external web sources.

Apollo PRO and RegLens PRO users are continually updated in real-time via externally managed FinTech Studios databases integrating millions of global sources daily in 49 languages. Structured knowledge, metadata and intelligence generated by FinTech Studios’ AI platform is stored externally from 3rd party LLM models, enabling FinTech Studios to generate real-time insights by embedding FinTech Studios content with LLM prompts using RAG technology. This unique approach results in up-to-the-minute, accurate information and insights, providing a significant advantage to Apollo PRO and RegLens PRO users.

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