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[SPONSORED POST] The need to accelerate AI initiatives is real and widespread across all industries. The ability to integrate and deploy AI inferencing with pre-trained models can reduce development time with scalable secure solutions that would revolutionize how easily you can capture, store, analyze, and use data to be more competitive.

With vision AI for the edge, generative visual AI, and natural language processing AI to power large language models (LLM), you can get there with the right AI infrastructure. These AI technologies are proving to be valuable and create business advantages across retail with loss prevention, media and entertainment with 3D animation, marketing with image and video generation, contact centers with speech AI, and financial services with fraud detection and many more. 

A quick demo that can make this real

One interesting example is how HPE is showcasing AI inferencing at their headquarters in  Houston, Texas, using vision AI at the edge with a camera to analyze the activity of bees. For business, AI-enabled video analytics can monitor hundreds of cameras in real time and work with existing IP cameras and video management systems to deliver actionable insights in real time.

Modern AI workloads require powerful servers that offer scalability, efficiency, and performance to deliver optimal results for business and innovators. To meet this need, HPE and NVIDIA® bring together ultra-scalable servers designed from the ground up for AI with breakthrough multi-workload performance of NVIDIA GPUs to deliver 5X performance increase for AI inferencing.   

AI inferencing can revolutionize how your data is analyzed and used. Generative visual AI optimizes visual applications for 3D animation, image, and video generation. Natural language processing leverages language models for conversational solutions such as customer interaction chatbot applications. Each of these use cases require AI optimized solutions that will extract maximum value for the business while delivering the best performance.

Challenges businesses face in implementing AI

While organizations are eager to jump in to implement AI, they have unique needs and challenges with successfully implementing it. Organizations are unsure of the right strategy and platform that is best for them, along with a fear of over or under investing. In addition, there may be a need for specialized expertise if it is a net-new initiative.  While they may understand how AI inference solutions can improve their ROI, they are worried about the security of their data. Some may want their data to remain on-premises, while others may prefer a hybrid or cloud environment.

AI inferencing solutions that overcome these challenges

The key to your success in implementing an AI strategy that is both practical and realizable – starts with choosing the right partner to deliver the technology and expertise so you can accomplish your goals. HPE solutions powered by NVIDIA can provide a solid foundation for your AI venture.

HPE and NVIDIA bring together solutions to meet AI inference needs for organizations in many industries with an end-to-end stack and the expertise to speed time to value. Organizations need flexibility in operating models to simplify acquisition and ongoing expansion. In addition, organizations require seamless enterprise integration to simplify and automate lifecycle management. AI inferencing provides:

AI frameworks: Consistent building blocks for designing, training, and deploying a wide range of applications; pre-trained models that let organizations leverage existing workflows without having to train their own AI models

AI workflows: Reduced development and deployment times with reference solutions

Security: End-to-end approach to protect infrastructure and workloads

Ecosystem: Leverage offerings from NVIDIA and the NVIDIA AI ecosystem; a large and growing community of software companies who are investing in the most advanced AI solutions

How HPE and NVIDIA solutions meet AI inference needs 

HPE and NVIDIA are trusted partners offering technologies, tools, and services to meet business needs across many industries.

HPE ProLiant Compute (HPE ProLiant DL320 and DL380a servers) accelerated by NVIDIA’s GPUs (NVIDIA L4, L40 or L40S) provide breakthrough performance that enable fewer more powerful servers.  These systems are certified and tuned with the flexibility for edge or data center deployments like vision AI, generative visual AI, and natural language processing AI. They offer industry-leading security innovation with a zero-trust approach to protecting your infrastructure and intuitive cloud operating experience to simplify and automate lifecycle management. 

HPE GreenLake  is a portfolio of cloud and as-a-service solutions that help simplify and accelerate your business. It delivers a cloud experience wherever your apps and data live – edge, data center, co-location facilities, and public clouds. Available on a pay-as-you-go basis, it runs on an open and more secure edge-to-cloud platform with the flexibility you need to create new opportunities. Recently HPE announced HPE GreenLake for LLM, used to deploy optimized compute solutions and train models at any scale. 

HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management is a complete management solution that securely streamlines operations from edge to cloud to simplify provisioning and automate key lifecycle tasks. The solution includes not only monitoring but keeping infrastructure updated and running so AI doesn’t become an outlier to the rest of the infrastructure. Organizations can consume IT in a predictable way and have it managed only as pay per use or complete monitoring and updating. 

NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite includes a library of frameworks, pretrained models and development tools to accelerate development and deployment of AI solutions. 

To get started, check out Accelerate your AI inference initiatives or watch this short video.


HPE ProLiant Servers for AI

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