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Embedded Analytics has officially arrived: more and more businesses are looking for a way to provide embedded analytics solutions for their customers. There is an emerging class of embeddedanalytics as a service providers that make embedded analysis of customer data a line of business all its own. Software as a service (SaaS) providers are always looking for a way to differentiate what they offer from the competition; in depth and easy-to-use analytics for the customers makes a good differentiator. Then there are large enterprises that frequently need to share the details of one or more internal processes — supply chain, sales, production HR — making the data visible and interactive to customers, partners, regulatory bodies, or others.

Build or Buy
Some of the finer details around how and why you go about embedding analytics will differ among these three groups. But they all have a couple of important things in common. The first common factor is the people within the organization responsible for the embedded solution. If you’re considering offering an embedded analytics solution to your customers, chances are you’re coming at it from one of two angles:
Product Manager
You are a product manager or other owner of the customer experience for embedded analytics.
You need to make sure that experience is consistent and that it more than satisfies the needs of the business and the needs of the customers (both of which are moving targets, of course). You want them eagerly coming back for more.
You are a web developer, data engineer, software developer, or (depending on the size of and structure of your organization) anyone else responsible for the implementation of an embedded
You need to build or acquire the technology that will deliver precisely that customer experience.

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