GridGain is revolutionizing enterprise data access and processing by offering the first enterprise-grade In-Memory Data Fabric built on Apache Ignite™. The GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric is designed to conquer today’s Fast Data challenges and unleash the competitive advantage of any real-time business, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Offering the most comprehensive, enterprise-grade in-memory computing solution for high-volume transactions, real-time analytics and hybrid data processing, Our company  enables Fortune 500 companies and innovative mobile, web and SaaS companies to anticipate and innovate ahead of market changes.

You’ll never need to process or analyze less data. The speed of business will never be slower. Your business challenges will never be simpler. Now is the time for In-Memory Computing — and only our company can give you the peace of mind of a proven and comprehensive solution for your most performance-critical, hyperscale data and applications.

Abe Kleinfeld

President & CEO

Abe Kleinfeld joined GridGain as president & CEO in 2013 and has transformed the company into the leading open source in-memory computing platform provider.

Eoin O’Connor

Eoin O’Connor brings a diverse industry skillset to GridGain having successfully led various finance functions at large enterprises, including Oracle and Siebel Systems, as well as at early-stage startup companies.

Nikita Ivanov
Founder & CTO

Nikita Ivanov is founder and CTO of GridGain Systems, started in 2007 and funded by RTP Ventures and Almaz Capital. Nikita has led GridGain to develop advanced and distributed in-memory data processing technologies — the top Java in-memory data fabric starting every 10 seconds around the world today.

Dmitriy Setrakyan
Founder & CPO

As a founder and Chief Product Officer at GridGain Systems, Dmitriy Setrakyan is responsible for leading product development, professional services, and customer support operations.