The Rise of AI Voice Assistants: Balancing Convenience and Security

In this contributed article, Carsten Rhod Gregersen, CEO and founder of Nabto, discusses how ChatGPT is the final nail in the coffin for voice assistants as we know them. The likes of Siri and Alexa have struggled for years to penetrate the smart home market, with the latter losing $10 billion and cutting 10,000 workers in 2022. Now, generative AI is taking over the sector.

AI > Humans in Understanding Emotion in Business

A new report was launched by Red Box, a leading voice software specialist, around challenges and opportunities in AI. The data in the report, “Being Human: How and Why Machines are Learning the Art of Human Conversation,” revealed business leaders view AI as more effective than humans in all business use cases including problem solving (38.72%), understanding emotion or sentiment in conversation (38.32%), transcribing complex conversations (35.73%), understanding accents and regional dialect (41.52%) and understanding multiple languages (41.92%).