How Marketers Can Outsource Zero-party Data to their Users to Save Money, Reduce Risks, and Improve CX

In this contributed article, Martin Fogelman, founder and CEO of Pluto 5000, discusses how companies are increasingly relying on zero-party data to make decisions and gain insights, but who owns that data? In an era where tech and regulators are at odds with each other, it’s time to consider the benefits of keeping user-generated data with its rightful owners: the users themselves.

Webinar: How to Use External Consumer Insights and Marketing Data to Build a Customer-centric Business

[SPONSORED CONTENT] In this virtual session, AWS Data Exchange will host a discussion with thought leaders from companies such as Acxiom and BlastPoint. They will share how organizations from big box retailers to automotive brands are using consumer insights data to reach new customers, drive real business change, and increase longevity. MON, SEPTEMBER 27 at 11AM PT | 2PM ET

Avoiding the Negative Impacts of Dirty Marketing Data

In this contributed article, Sky Cassidy, CEO of MountainTop Data, highlights how consumers are interested in receiving relevant, meaningful messages but too often the data base a company relies on is filled with incorrect and inconsistent information – meaning those messages are lost. Dirty data can have a negative effect on a company’s bottom line, with some business leaders estimating erroneous online accounts have cost them 12% of their overall revenue.

Three Ways Big Data Will Impact on marketing in 2018

In this contributed article, Mitesh Patel is a Business Growth Strategist at a leading mobile application development company Solution Analysts, discusses the vital role big data takes in the marketing playbook as we move into 2018.

Data Management Platform Whitepaper

Discover how Data Management Platforms are allowing marketers to merge data from advertising partners and their customer databases to power more individualized marketing.