Business Uses of Predictive Analytics

The need for predictive analytics in the enterprise is clear, as it can provide smarter analysis for better decision making, increased market competitiveness, a direct path in taking advantage of market opportunity and threats, a way to reduce uncertainty and manage risk, an approach to proactively plan and act, discovery of meaningful patterns, and the means to anticipate and react to emerging trends.

Supervised Machine Learning

To help our audience leverage the power of machine learning, the editors of insideAI News have created this weekly article series called “The insideAI News Guide to Machine Learning.” This is our fifth installment, “Supervised Machine Learning.”

insideAI News Guide to Machine Learning

As the primary facilitator of data science and big data, machine learning has garnered much interest by a broad range of industries as a way to increase value of enterprise data assets. In this article series we’ll examine the principles underlying machine learning based on the R statistical environment.