What The Experts Expect of Generative AI: 2023 Survey Results

Generative AI is quickly becoming a top priority for any company’s digital transformation strategy. It is hijacking conversations everywhere, from the boardroom to the dining room – we’re even seeing accelerated M&A (ie. MosaicML) to help businesses build their own foundation models and generative AI tools. As business leaders assess how to be bullish on generative AI while mitigating risks such as bias, Domino Data Lab has announced findings from its second annual REVelate survey which explored what top data science leaders and practitioners really think about the technology.

Balancing MLOps Innovation with Tough Security Standards

As AI adoption has grown, so too have concerns about data protection and infrastructure security across the MLOps lifecycle. At GTS Data Processing, a rapidly growing German IT company, security is top of mind as they deliver Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service platforms to companies across Europe. GTS’ DSready Cloud offering, powered by Domino® and hosted in Germany, brings together the tools, technologies, compute, and
collaboration capabilities its clients need to deliver and manage data science capabilities at scale—all within a GDPR-compliant environment that supports Germany’s stringent security