Data Mining or Bust: How New Data Notebooks Enhance Contact Center Intelligence Aggregation and Analysis to Elevate the Customer Experience

In this contributed article, Tim Eyre, Chief Marketing Officer at Aceyus, discusses how managing the modern contact center involves extrapolating the most up-to-date metrics and data for companies to ensure success and enhance efficiencies. The best way to enhance data transparency is by utilizing dashboards equipped with data notebook capabilities.

Machine Learning with Micron’s Automata Processor

A new survey paper on Micron’s Automata Processor (AP) was recently published. Since AP has many potential applications in data mining, bioinformatics, natural language processing, etc. Micron has recently stopped developing AP, however other companies such as Natural Intelligence Semiconductor, a spin-off from Micron) and some academic research centers (Center for Automata Processing at the University of Virginia) are leading the development and market-adoption of AP.