DynamoDB vs. Cassandra: Which Database Is a Great Fit for Your Business?

In this contributed article, April Miller, a senior IT and cybersecurity writer for ReHack Magazine, believes that If you need a new database for your business, Amazon Web Services DynamoDB and Apache Cassandra are two of the most prominent options. Choosing between them isn’t easy, but this breakdown will help you feel more informed and confident.

Introducing DataStax Luna, Enterprise Support for Apache Cassandra

DataStax announced DataStax Luna, subscription-based support for open source Cassandra. The new DataStax offering supports the fast growing adoption of Apache Cassandra™ by enterprises across every industry. According to the popular site DB-Engines, Cassandra is used by 40% of the Fortune 100 and continues to gain popularity.

Scylla Summit 2019 Comes to San Francisco in November

Scylla community members are invited November 5-6 to Scylla Summit 2019 in San Francisco. Use discount code InsideBigData50 to save 50% on a 2-day summit pass. “See us unveil our latest features, including Lightweight Transactions and Change Data Capture, learn about product-ready capabilities beyond what’s available in Cassandra, like Workload Prioritization, Materialized Views and Global Secondary Indexes, and get a preview of Project Alternator, our open source DynamoDB-compatible API.”

DataStax Announces Constellation, a Cloud-Native Data Platform

DataStax, the company behind a leading database built on Apache Cassandra™, announced DataStax Constellation, a cloud data platform that will simplify the development and operation of modern applications. Constellation will launch later this year with two cloud services: DataStax Apache Cassandra as a Service and DataStax Insights.

Why We Paired Open Source and Managed Services to Optimize Our Database

In this contributed article, Ben Wu of Peloton goes through his company’s database/data strategy, deciding on open source NoSQL Apache Cassandra (why it made sense for them), overcoming problems with production systems, why managed databases fit into their future, and how he feels about the data stack moving forward.

Apache Cassandra Turns 10

As Apache Cassandra (C*) celebrates its 10th anniversary, we wanted to observe this special time with the infographic below provided by our friends over at DataStax, industry experts on the open source project. You’ll see many insights on how C* has grown over the last ten years, including the history of the open source project from its origin after being open sourced by Facebook – to the creation of Cassandra as an Apache Software Foundation project and the exciting growth of the community – and DataStax’s significant contribution to this growth.

Interview: Ben Bromhead, CTO and Co-founder at Instaclustr

I recently caught up with Ben Bromhead, CTO and Co-founder at Instaclustr, to discuss the departure of DataStax from the Apache Cassandra open source project, and how there’s now a void with regard to Cassandra dev community health, database feature upgrades, and overall commits. Instaclustr is looking to step into this space, fill the vacuum, get commits back up, and replace DataStax on these initiatives.

ESG Labs Confirms MapR Outperforms Cassandra and HBase by 10x in the Cloud

MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of the Converged Data Platform that fully integrates analytics with operational processes in real time, announced that Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) published an ESG Technical Review that evaluated the performance and scalability of running MapR-DB in the cloud, and compared results with two open-source NoSQL database offerings.

Turning to Open Source Apache Cassandra Gave Our Data a Highly-Available Home

In this contributed article, Jason Wu, Chief Technology Officer at AdStage, discusses his company’s data evolution and move to open source Apache Cassandra that’s allowed them to provide digital ad automation and optimization for advertisers.

Want to Run Cassandra in a Container? You Need to Solve These 4 Problems First

In this contributed article, Gou Rao, Co-founder and CTO at Portworx, discusses how running the open source distributed NoSQL database Cassandra in a container requires some special considerations. If you can solve these problems, you’ll have gotten most of the way to a successful Cassandra deployment in containers.