What Can the Sports Betting Industry Teach About Building Predictive Models?

In this contributed article, Dr. Darryl Woodford PhD, CTO at Cipher Sports, shares his insights about the key features of a good sports betting prediction model. We’ve already seen how fast and accurate these models can be. In the wagering industry, the next frontier is to apply these recent advancements to in-play and micro-betting markets, requiring another step forward in both data processing and data acquisition.

How AI/ML is Revolutionizing the Ad Business for TV, CTV, and Digital Outlets

In this special guest feature, Alex Persky-Stern, CEO of Waymark, discusses how AI is opening a path to offset a number of challenges faced by media companies – especially in the local advertiser market. Bracing for the worst makes sense. Media companies face high inflation, slow ad revenue growth, and a tough economic outlook. At the same time, many are scrambling to keep up as they manage the decline of linear viewership and mass consumer adoption of streaming services.

Achieving Data and Legal Compliance in the Event Industry

In this contributed article, Devin Clearly, VP of Global Events at Bizzabo, discusses how to balance the benefits and risks in the new era of event data and best practices for ensuring data security, privacy and compliance. Data security and legal compliance must be top of mind for today’s event industry organizers. Data is currency in the digital age.

Z by HP Releases Short Film Bringing Interactive Storytelling to the Data Science Community

On Friday, February 18th, NBCUniversal and Z by HP will debut the first branded short film to stream on Peacock entitled, Unlocked, an action-packed thriller that takes viewers on an exciting adventure with data science at its core. Inspired by and created for data scientists, viewers will be taken on an interactive journey that unlocks an ancient mystery that can change the world.

Teams and Clubs Measure Everything: How Can They Consolidate Their Data?

In this special guest feature, Raf Keustermans, CEO of Sportlight Technology, discusses how professional sports teams around the world measure everything — individual player performance, team performance, how much an athlete is training, player speed and endurance during a game, injuries sustained, goals scored, assists made, passes blocked and much more. Strong data collection is important, but what can be even more crucial is consolidating all of that information to make it usable.

What Can the Video Game Industry Teach Us About Data Management?

In this special guest feature, Murli Thirumale, GM of the Cloud Native Business Unit at Pure Storage’s Portworx, offers 7 trends in gaming to watch — even if you never pick up a controller. When staying relevant means delivering the richest user experiences possible, this industry makes an excellent case study for next-gen technologies.

NFL and AWS Launch AI Challenge to Crowdsource Ways to Automate Player Identification using NFL Game Footage

The National Football League (NFL) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched a new artificial intelligence Kaggle challenge to create ways for computers to automatically identify players using NFL game footage. New computer vision models created through the challenge will accelerate the NFL’s work with AWS to better understand, and aim to reduce, injuries in the NFL. Prize money totaling $100,000 will be awarded to data scientists with winning models.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize the Way Video Games are Developed

In this contributed article, co-founder of Hackr.io, discusses how artificial intelligence will revolutionize the way video games are developed. AI has brought a change in the gaming industry ever since its inception. Over the years, we have seen drastic changes in the way games are developed. In today’s technologically advanced world, games have become more challenging and exciting by providing human like experiences.

Decentralized AI – SongSplitter

This article introduces the SongSplitter app, an AI-driven SingularityNET powered application for splitting vocals from a music track, now available to download now on the Google Play Store. SingularityNET foundation is a non profit foundation founded by AI pioneer, Dr. Ben Goertzel. It’s main product is the SingularityNET platform, a full-stack AI solution powered by a blockchain protocol.

Digital Love: How “Love Song” was Written with the Help of AI

This Valentine’s Day, an AI has collaborated with humans to write a beautiful love song for you. Just think of it as a little computer love. “Love Song” was written with the help of Amadeus Code, the AI songwriting assistant that takes data from centuries of music to inspire songwriters with melodic ideas. While Amadeus Code can assist in the creative process, like any AI, it cannot feel love. This is why collaboration with the Amadeus Code team was necessary to fully bring the track to life.