Designing a High Performance Lustre Storage System: A Case Study

Intel’s White Paper, “Architecting a High-Performance Storage System,” shows you the step-by-step process in the design of a Lustre file system. It is available for download at insideAI News White Paper Library. “Although a good system is well-balanced, designing it is not straight forward. Fitting components together and making the adjustments needed for peak performance is challenging. The process begins with a requirement analysis followed by a design structure (a common structure was selected for the paper) and component choices.”

Intel Enterprise Edition Software for Lustre

Intel Enterprise Edition Software for Lustre can transform vast amounts of data into data-driven decisions. And using the software with Hadoop makes storage management simpler with single Lustre file systems rather than partitioned, hard-to-manage storage.

Sponsored Post: Intel Cloud Edition Available for Lustre Software

Intel has collaborated with AWS to offer a Cloud Edition for Lustre Software that allows customers to use the power of the worlds’ most popular HPC storage system. It provides fast, scalable storage, optimizing servers for the workload they support.

Interview: Webtrends Delivers Marketing via In-The-Moment Analytics

“In the next few years, the imperative for marketing to be “data-driven” will force big data & digital analytics to converge becoming the standard for applying big data to marketing. Webtrends is already heading down this path, utilizing big data technologies to enable in-the-moment marketing. The chasm between reporting and action will be crossed and the digital analytics vendors that do not have major investments in big data today will be even further behind in the future.”

Interview: Razorsight Delivers Analytics Solutions for Communications World

The communications market is a huge one with a lot of competition that mostly centers around price and service. If a company can–via real-time analytics–identify their customers needs and predilections, they can more likely retain them and give them better service. Razorsight uses a cloud-based solution to address this concern that utilizes streaming data to […]

Python for CUDA to Bolster Next Wave of GPU-powered HPC and Big Data Analytics

Today Nvidia announced that growing ranks of Python users can now take full advantage of GPU acceleration for HPC and Big Data analytics applications by using the CUDA parallel programming model. As a popular, easy-to-use language, Python enables users to write high-level software code that captures their algorithmic ideas without delving deep into programming details. […]

Pfizer's Top 5 Lessons From Applied Analytics

Global pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. is transforming its use of analytics from a theoretical exercise into a real-time execution engine primarily by the urgency of shifting business models for Lipitor and other products. Bob Evans (from SAP) highlights the pertinent points of a comprehensive interview with David Kruetter, Pfizer VP of U.S. Commercial Operations. He […]

Looking to Hire or Work in Big Data? A Guide to the Interview

Whether you are looking to hire Data Mining and Modeling candidates or are an prospective applicant, the interview can be a a challenging process. Vincent Granville, highly experienced analytics manager and data modeler, recently interviewed candidates for an open position and he lays out his philosophy and approach in a recent post. His overall goal […]

Do Social Media Analytics Matter?

Does social media lead to valuable long-term customer engagement? Stephen Samild on isn’t so sure. He believes that analytical resources are better deployed in places other than using social media. A sales transaction records an identifiable customer, a specific product and a precise amount of money. But social media demands small measures of time […]

Oracle’s New Exalytics System Moves at the "Speed of Thought"

Oracle brings out new system optimized for analytics, the Exalytics in-memory appliance based on Oracle’s Sun Fire X4470 M2 server. A four-socket box based on Intel’s ten-core “Westmere-EX” Xeon E7 Processor, it crams 1TB of DDR3 main memory and a mere six disk drives into a 3U rack chassis. What transforms this server into an […]