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Vero AI Publishes Report Identifying Trends in AI and Data Privacy Legislation, Supporting Enterprises in Compliance Planning

Vero AI, a first-of-its-kind analytical engine and scoreboard that helps enterprises fully harness the potential of advanced technology including artificial intelligence while minimizing risk, released an industry-agnostic report, Regulating the Future: Responsible AI Legislation Trends and Predictions on key trends in current and emerging artificial intelligence (AI) legislation.

Bringing DAG and IGA Together for Improved Security and Compliance

In this contributed article, Ronald Zierikzee, senior solutions consultant for Benelux, Omada, examines crucial tools that work in tandem to ensure that remote workers, employees and contractors are able to access the information they need – and only that information – in a secure and successful manner. Identity governance and administration (IGA) helps manage user identities and access across an enterprise, helping improve visibility into access privileges and helping to implement the necessary controls to prevent inappropriate or risky access. Data access governance (DAG) is the process of managing and controlling access to an organization’s data resources.

Navigating Data Lake Challenges: Governance, Security, and GDPR Compliance

In this contributed article, Coral Trivedi, Product Manager at Fivetran, discusses how enterprises can get the most value from a data lake. The article discusses automation, security, pipelines and GSPR compliance issues.

Meet modern compliance: Using AI and data to manage business risk better

Compliance programs must use robust technology and data analytics to assess their own actions and those of any third parties they do business with. At the very least, companies are expected to be able to explain the rationale for using third parties. This is a compliance game-changer. Historically, organizations could argue that they simply did […]

Forecasting AI Compliance at the State, Federal, and International Levels

In this special guest feature, Kim Peretti, Alston & Bird partner and co-leader of the firm’s National Security & Digital Crimes and Privacy, Cyber & Data Strategy teams, suggests that given the vast amounts of data that goes into artificial intelligence, it’s no surprise that data protection laws are on the vanguard of regulating AI.

Achieving Data and Legal Compliance in the Event Industry

In this contributed article, Devin Clearly, VP of Global Events at Bizzabo, discusses how to balance the benefits and risks in the new era of event data and best practices for ensuring data security, privacy and compliance. Data security and legal compliance must be top of mind for today’s event industry organizers. Data is currency in the digital age.

DataSecOps: The Future Of Data Accessibility & Compliance

In this special guest feature, Eldad Chai, CEO & Co-Founder, Satori, discusses how companies can better manage data access by adopting a need-to-know approach that isn’t bogged down by manual processes, custom scripts and disparate tooling. A single integrated approach – known as DataSecOps – will get them there without friction.

If You Are Relying Mostly On Hadoop to Meet Your Regulatory Compliance Needs, Your Company Could Be in Trouble

In this special guest feature, Stefan Pracht, Senior Vice President, Product Marketing, Axellio, says that although Hadoop may be a strong solution for the big-and-fast data issue, it is becoming constrained by conventional server designs in a world in which institutions are having to deal with billions of records per day. Organizations may significantly reduce the expenses and equipment required to conduct these critical activities by using a server platform that utilizes a high-density, all-NVMe SSD-based appliance as the basis of the solution.  It should be considered as a viable alternative to a Hadoop-only solution architecture.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Compliance and Cybersecurity for Startups

In this special guest feature, Justin Beals, CEO and cofounder of Strike Graph, outlines key considerations when using AI tесhnоlоgіеѕ to іmрrоvе a startup’s суbеrѕесurіtу capabilities and manage суbеr rіѕk more efficiently аnd еffесtіvеlу.

Reduce Compliance Risk in Your Call and Contact Center With AI

This white paper, “Reduce Compliance Risk in Your Call and Contact Center With AI,” from Veritone discusses how compliance represents a major risk for contact centers, with violations potentially costing organizations millions of dollars in fines and causing reputational damage to the brand. The current method of monitoring calls — using manual review of recorded conversations — does not come close to meeting the requirements for comprehensive monitoring of regulated interactions.