TIBCO Accelerates Value Delivery with Launch of The New TIBCO Platform

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TIBCO, a business unit of Cloud Software Group, Inc., announced the availability of the new TIBCO® Platform, a next-generation composable data platform that brings together TIBCO solutions into a single, unified experience. The new platform dramatically simplifies how users build, deploy, and manage TIBCO solutions, enabling faster delivery of broad and complex digital initiatives. The platform will be available in a new, simplified TIBCO Platform subscription.

“For over 25 years, customers have confidently chosen TIBCO to help solve their most complex business challenges with mission-critical enterprise solutions,” said Ali Ahmed, general manager, TIBCO, a business unit of Cloud Software Group. “And now we are excited to announce the TIBCO Platform, which represents a major investment in the core technologies our customers rely on to run their digital business. The new platform will bring all TIBCO solutions, including integration & messaging, into a single experience that streamlines operations and development, so our customers can focus on delivering maximum value to their end users.”

The TIBCO Platform provides complete visibility for TIBCO solutions deployed across different environments—on-premises, cloud, or edge. Its intuitive Control Plane is tailored for IT operators to effortlessly manage, monitor, and optimize their TIBCO assets. The Control Tower enables the discovery and management of existing on-premises assets—without causing disruption or requiring migration. The platform also offers end-to-end observability across TIBCO capabilities for quick detection and resolution of critical runtime and performance issues.

Additionally, the TIBCO Platform provides a reimagined developer experience designed to accelerate application development. The TIBCO® Developer Hub, built on Spotify Backstage, provides a variety of new resources, including a centralized library of APIs, applications, and documentation for TIBCO and non-TIBCO assets; pre-built and customizable application templates that adhere to enterprise integration patterns; and visual relationship graphs for quick identification of dependencies across enterprise assets. In addition, TIBCO now offers a brand-new experience to build, test and deploy integration solutions powered by the TIBCO Flogo® Extension for Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

“At Air France-KLM, we are always looking for solutions to simplify and streamline our development workflows. The TIBCO Developer Hub eliminates significant manual work by automatically generating new applications using customized integration templates aligned to our enterprise standards,” said Frédéric Demoors, Head of Middleware & API Management Platform, at Air France-KLM. “We expect that it will accelerate our development lead time allowing us to improve our time-to-market for new apps and digital services to our customers and staff.”

The TIBCO Platform is offered in a simplified subscription model that provides unprecedented access to a broad range of TIBCO technology, ensuring TIBCO customers have the flexibility to immediately create new value and address new challenges with TIBCO technology. The TIBCO Platform subscription includes unlimited capacity for all integration, messaging, data grid, and monitoring technologies. Additional add-ons are available for event processing and business process management.

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