Kinetica Now Free Forever in Cloud Hosted Version; Accelerate the Transition to Generative AI with SQL-GPT

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Kinetica, the database for time & space, announced a totally free version of Kinetica Cloud where anyone can sign-up instantly without a credit card to experience Kinetica’s generative AI capabilities to analyze real-time data. No other analytic database offers this pricing model with free storage and compute, and no expiration date. Unlike other offerings that expire after a trial period, provide limited functionality or require that the customer pay for infrastructure and storage, Kinetica Cloud is totally free forever for up to 10GB of data with full Kinetica database functionality, including Kinetica’s SQL-GPT, using Generative AI to turn language into SQL that executes quickly. Additionally, developers will be able to upgrade to Kinetica Cloud for Dedicated Workloads with support for production deployments, including dedicated compute resources and Kinetica Standard Support.

Deloitte estimates that devices capable of sharing their location will represent 40% of all data by 2025, making spatiotemporal data – where objects are and where they are moving – the fastest growing segment of big data. Prime examples are streams of data from mobile devices, static or moving sensors, satellites, and video feeds from drones and closed-circuit TVs. Applications based on real-time spatial and time-series data are driving digital transformation across industries, including fleet management, supply chain transparency, connected car, precision agriculture, smart energy management, retail proximity marketing, and many others.

As big data evolves from web logs that capture human interactions with social media apps and the web to the next generation of extreme data that captures machine observations from sensors and cameras, the old technologies and methods once again must be reconsidered. For instance, joins between two spatial data sets and calculating overlapping polygons will cripple a traditional data warehouse or data lake. Add a time series function on top of that, and chances are the query will never complete. Further, most high-value use cases come from making decisions in real-time. Data warehouses and data lakes simply weren’t designed to solve complex problems in a real-time latency profile. Kinetica applies an innovative compute paradigm, commonly referred to as vectorization, to radically reduce the complexity and increase the scale and performance of spatiotemporal workloads. 

Kinetica Cloud Free Forever includes:

●      Store and analyze up to 10GB of data with full Kinetica database functionality

●      Kinetica SQL-GPT functionality, using Generative AI to turn language into SQL that executes quickly

●      Unlimited SQL queries and API access

●      Unlimited SQL workbooks

●      Kinetica Community support

Kinetica Cloud Free Forever complements existing Kinetica deployment options, including Developer Edition, deploying Kinetica through the AWS and Azure Marketplaces as a managed service, or deploying Kinetica software-only in a customer’s own cloud environment.

Additionally, the Kinetica Cloud for Dedicated Workloads option removes the data limits, giving customers more flexibility to choose from different clusters for “hot data sizes” depending on the size of their data and complexity of the queries issued. This option also features dedicated clusters and compute resources, ensuring customers consistent performance based on the size of the cluster they choose. Kinetica Standard support is also included.

“Kinetica Cloud’s Free Forever version is a significant release for companies to easily experience working with the Kinetica database without having to deal with trial licenses or PoC budget approvals,” said John O’Brien, Principal Advisor and CEO, Radiant Advisors. “Proven industry leading performance and multi-modal analytics features aside, our database benchmark engineers frequently commented how impressed they were with the Kinetica Cloud environment and analytics workbench in user experience and its ability to dramatically reduce development time for spatial and time-series analytics.”

“We’re seeing two massive opportunities collide for our customers. First, real-time decisions informed by smart sensors and devices are increasingly critical in many industries and applications. Second, new approaches to data management and analysis must be taken as more of the data from such devices is streaming data that includes information about both time and location,” said Philip Darringer, Vice President of Product Management, Kinetica. “By removing cloud cost concerns for developers, we’re accelerating the transition to the next phase of big data, allowing organizations to scale the collection, analysis, and operationalization of this new form of location-enriched data for innovation, coupled with SQL-GPT functionality for easy and fast conversational querying on that data.”

Pricing and Availability

Kinetica Cloud is totally free forever for up to 10GB of data with full Kinetica database functionality and is immediately available. With Kinetica Cloud for Dedicated Workloads, available in Q3, users can get started for only $4.50/hour with an Extra Small cluster, suited for hot data sizes of 250GB, or scale up to larger sizes as needed.

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