Databricks Data Reports Shows How 9,000+ Global Companies are Gearing Up to Be Competitive on AI

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Data + AI company Databricks has published the 2023 State of Data + AI report, examining patterns and trends in AI adoption across more than 9,000 global companies that use the platform as a foundation for their data efforts. The report paints a pretty clear picture on how enterprises are preparing to stay competitive in this new age of generative AI, with data to support how companies are embracing LLMs and what the fastest growing data and AI tools out there are. 

You can find the full data report HERE. Key findings include:

  • LLMs are on the rise in the enterprise
    • The number of Lakehouse customers using SaaS LLMs has grown an impressive 1310% between the end of November 2022 and the beginning of May 2023. (In contrast, transformer-related libraries grew 82% in this same period.)  
  • ML use is growing AND getting more efficient
    • Organizations are putting more models into production (411% YoY growth) while also increasing their ML experimentation (54% YoY growth)
  • Open source products dominate the data and AI markets
    • 8 out of 10 of the most widely-adopted data and AI products are open source.  
    • Ranking at number 7, open-source Hugging Face democratizes AI with its NLP library that provides pretrained models for a variety of tasks.
    • The fastest growing data and AI product is dbt, which grew 206% YoY by number of customers.

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