New Report: 65% Plan to Use ChatGPT Instead of Traditional Search Engines

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Artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT are causing privacy concerns and overall confusion around the impact of AI. To better understand how consumers feel about these new artificial intelligence tools, Forbes Advisor surveyed Americans to find out their concerns, how they plan to use AI, whether they trust businesses using AI tools, and what types of personal data they are okay with using AI. 

A new Forbes Advisor report found that over 75% of consumers are concerned about misinformation from AI even though 65% plan to use ChatGPT instead of traditional search engines when searching for information or answers. 

See the full report, including the methodology and infographics, HERE.

Highlights from the report: 

  • 55% are comfortable with AI analyzing their social media, while 48% are comfortable with AI analyzing their prior purchase history.
  • 1 in 3 are comfortable with AI analyzing their personal text messages. 
  • 54% believe AI can improve written website content, even though 76% are concerned about misinformation on business websites as a result of AI use. 
  • 70% of consumers are concerned about businesses using AI. 
  • The top five ways consumers plan to use AI are to reply to emails and text messages, answer financial questions, plan a travel itinerary, prepare for a job interview, and create social media posts. 
  • 76% are concerned about job loss as a result of AI. 

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