@insideAI Newspodcast: ChatGPT – The Human AI Partnership

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Welcome to the insideAI News series of podcast presentations, a curated collection of topics relevant to our global audience. We bring you compelling topics including: big data, data science, machine learning, AI, and deep learning. Enjoy!

For this installment, we bring you the second episode of Fireside Chatbots featuring Greylock general partner Reid Hoffman and ChatGPT, the large language model created by OpenAI. This week, Reid and ChatGPT talk about the ways humans and AI can work together to significantly increase productivity, scientific discovery, analytical capabilities, and creativity. As ChatGPT says, “The jobs of the future will likely be a combination of technical and human skills, requiring individuals to be adaptable and able to work with new technologies.” You can read a transcript of this conversation HERE.

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