Deepnote Comes Out of Beta to Make Data Science and Analytics Collaborative

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Deepnote, an early-stage startup backed by Accel and Index Ventures, launched version 1.0, opening up to the general availability of collaborative data science notebooks to data teams worldwide. Deepnote is a new data science notebook that makes data insights truly interactive. Jupyter compatible with real-time collaboration and runs in the cloud.

Data team efficacy relies on the process of access to, exploration of, and collaboration around data—for example, when an organization needs to make a data-informed decision, it will rely on data teams to explore datasets and share insights that lead to action. Too often, this process is siloed within a single department, findings are inconsistent, and insights quickly become out of date.

Deepnote makes data collaboration a reality improving three core pain points of traditional data science notebooks:

  1. Collaboration: Sharing analysis and collaboration is as easy as sending a link because everything is hosted in a fully-managed cloud environment. Analysis is done in real-time with multiplayer mode if needed. And everything is organized and hosted in a single place.
  2. Connectivity: With dozens of native integrations to tools in the modern data stack—Snowflake, BigQuery, Postgres, S3, GitHub—data teams can seamlessly connect to the tools they’re already using.
  3. Productivity: Underserved data analysts and scientists are now equipped with productivity features—reproducibility, autocomplete, scheduling, version control—to do better work in less time.

The people analytics team at Gusto is one of hundreds of teams already using Deepnote. Scott Jacobsen, Head of People Analytics and Insights, said:

“Deepnote has been instrumental in centralizing much of our People Analytics work. With Deepnote, we can collaborate on our data pipelines, data science, and analytics efforts all from a single platform. Deepnote’s publishing capabilities also provide our internal stakeholders a rich user experience to easily view insights and see where they should take action.”

Since the company’s Series A announcement in Jan 2022, Deepnote has added many features going into the 1.0 launch. Most notably is the addition of Deepnote Workspaces, which empowers data teams to organize and surface data projects, notebooks, and apps in one place.

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