Webinar: How to Achieve Faster Time to Insight with Third-party Financial Services Data

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Available Live Regional Presentations:

Thursday, November 11th


EMEA – 10:00AM BST | 11:00AM CET

APAC – 11:00AM SGT | 1:00PM AEDT

The financial services industry generates a nearly unparalleled amount of data that, until recently, remained largely untapped. Cloud services help companies across every sector collect, analyze, and extract insights from diverse datasets to connect with strategic audiences, mitigate risk, and drive business growth. As a result, leveraging third-party finance data is rapidly becoming a strong differentiator for business success because it facilitates swifter, intelligence-based decision-making.

Join this webinar to learn how companies consume financial exchange data natively through AWS Data Exchange to make consumption and analysis more efficient, agile, and accessible. Hear from FactSet leadership about the company’s strategic choice to bring their data to the cloud ensuring customers can effectively and efficiently use their data to succeed.

You will also hear from Demyst on how AWS customers can leverage the Demyst Platform to curate, test, and consume external data solutions customized for the financial services industry. Learn how to leverage financial services data sets in AWS services and begin the next phase of your company’s digital transformation to support its future growth and success.

You will learn:

  • Why FactSet makes their data available on the cloud and how they’re using AWS Data Exchange features to make data more accessible
  • How companies are using FactSet data to make smarter decisions
  • How AWS is partnering with Demyst to leverage its technology platform to help AWS customers more rapidly productionalize external data solutions
  • How to use AWS Data Exchange newest features to easily consume and analyze data
  • How to discover, find, and use third-party data with AWS Data Exchange

Who Should Attend?

Chief Data Officers, data scientists, business intelligence, and analytics professionals.


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  1. Financial firms now have the ability to leverage big data for use cases such as generating new revenue streams through data-driven offers, delivering personalized recommendations to customers, creating more efficiency to drive competitive advantages, and providing strengthened security and better services to customers.