insideAI News Latest News – 10/20/2021

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In this regular column, we’ll bring you all the latest industry news centered around our main topics of focus: big data, data science, machine learning, AI, and deep learning. Our industry is constantly accelerating with new products and services being announced everyday. Fortunately, we’re in close touch with vendors from this vast ecosystem, so we’re in a unique position to inform you about all that’s new and exciting. Our massive industry database is growing all the time so stay tuned for the latest news items describing technology that may make you and your organization more competitive.

Actian Releases DataConnect 12 Integration Platform

Actian, a leader in hybrid cloud data integration and analytics, announced the general availability of its newly released DataConnect 12 integration platform, demonstrating a continued focus on ease of use for complex data integration and data quality. Actian’s DataConnect integration platform is a versatile, hybrid integration solution that empowers anyone to integrate anything, anywhere, anytime. With its emphasis on reuse, adaptability, and self-service integration, the DataConnect platform enables rapid onboarding and delivers rapid time to value. With this latest product release, Actian is introducing all new data quality functionality, enhanced scheduling and automation, and the availability of additional software development toolkits (SDKs) to improve development integrations.

“As data becomes more critical for business decisions, simply having data integrated will not be enough,” said Emma McGrattan, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Actian. “Decision makers need to trust the data, and for that they must have a way to ensure that their data is clean and standardized.”

Couchbase Introduces Couchbase Capella Hosted Database-as-a-Service on AWS, Making it Faster, Easier and More Affordable for Developers to Build Enterprise Applications

Couchbase, Inc. (NASDAQ: BASE), provider of a leading modern database for enterprise applications, announced its Couchbase CapellaTM hosted Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) offering on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Capella delivers database flexibility for developers and performance at scale for enterprise applications, with the best price-performance of any DBaaS. Because Capella is fully managed and automated, customers can focus on development, improving their applications and reducing time to market, instead of worrying about operational database management efforts. 

“Modernization is accelerating for nearly every business and we are proud to be evolving our DBaaS to include a hosted offering purpose built for modern application developers,” said Scott Anderson, senior vice president of product management at Couchbase. “At Couchbase, we align our products and solutions to help turn customers’ modernization strategies into realities. With the introduction of Couchbase Capella, we are offering customers the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to deploy our modern database in the cloud for accelerated application development.” 

Liquid Instruments introduces breakthrough customization capabilities in test equipment with Instrument-on-Chip architecture

Liquid Instruments, an innovator in precision software-defined test instrumentation, announced Multi-instrument Mode and Moku Cloud Compile, two advanced new features designed to serve the rapidly evolving test needs of quantum computing, aerospace, semiconductor, Lidar, and automotive segments. Multi-instrument Mode is a new paradigm in test systems that allows multiple instruments to be dynamically combined on a single FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) chip. For the first time, researchers and engineers have the ability to configure multiple test instruments to run simultaneously on a standalone piece of hardware, with the added ability to implement their own custom code directly onto the FPGA.  

“We built Moku:Pro to demonstrate the potential of Instrument-on-Chip architectures. These new capabilities begin to unlock the full potential of the hardware for our users,” said Daniel Shaddock, CEO of Liquid Instruments. “But more than that, these capabilities can scale almost without limits and are designed for a future where FPGAs grow ever larger and more capable. We are so excited to see our users make great strides using these new capabilities.” Announces Workplace Experience Optimization Solutions, a top conversational AI software company, announced a comprehensive suite of AI-native experience optimization solutions for workplace collaboration and productivity. Specifically, the company announced WorkAssist, an AI-first unified digital workspace for the modern workplace, along with HR Assist and IT Assist, AI-first employee support-as-a-service conversational AI-based solutions for HR and IT Service Management (ITSM) respectively, and thereby introducing the world’s most comprehensive, collaboration and conversation-based workplace solution that unifies and organizes data assets to power contextual collaboration for enterprise teams.

“ is taking experience optimization in the workplace to a whole new level with the rollout of our employee-centric solutions,” said Raj Koneru, Founder and CEO of “We are able to achieve this by making business data the center of all collaboration and conversational activity to enable our customers to improve the speed of business. workplace solutions can be deployed globally, cutting across all language barriers.”

New Relic Launches Open Source Ecosystem of Quickstarts and Partner Integrations to Help Every Engineer Embrace Observability in Minutes

New Relic (NYSE: NEWR), the observability company, launched New Relic Instant Observability (I/O), an open source ecosystem of quickstarts to empower all software engineers to instrument, dashboard and alert their entire technology stack in minutes. As part of New Relic’s commitment to make observability an open, data-driven and daily practice for every engineer, New Relic I/O offers end-to-end integrations with 400+ cloud services, open source tools and enterprise technologies, contributed and maintained by the community. The launch features contributions from partners such as Cribl, Fastly, Gigamon, Kentik, Lacework and Trend Micro to bring the power of the world’s leading technologies to engineers everywhere, no matter the technology or use case. New Relic I/O is available as part of New Relic’s generous free pricing tier, so every engineer can get started without talking to sales or providing a credit card.

“As part of our developer-first strategy and commitment to open source and open communities, we’re proud to introduce a new open ecosystem to help all software engineers embrace observability as a data-driven approach and daily practice through a vibrant community of telemetry data sources, dashboards and alert configuration quickstarts,” said New Relic CEO Bill Staples. “We’re honored to launch with an ever-expanding group of industry-leading partners who will help us honor our commitment to make observability available for all so every engineer can instantly observe any hardware or software systems, cloud service, SaaS, IoT device or application in seconds.”

Splunk Accelerates Digital Transformation With Enterprise Observability

Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), a data platform leader, announced the latest enhancements to the Splunk observability portfolio including advanced product innovations for Splunk Application Performance Monitoring (APM), Splunk Real User Monitoring (RUM), Splunk Synthetic Monitoring, Splunk Log Observer, Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring and Splunk IT Service Intelligence. With these expanded observability capabilities, Splunk customers gain increased visibility across all environments, significantly accelerating performance, productivity and innovation, all the while propelling their data-driven transformations forward.

“Observability at its core is a data opportunity, and to use that data effectively organizations need a solution that can help ingest and analyze high-velocity data across increasingly dynamic environments and architectures,” said Spiros Xanthos, VP of Product Management, Observability and IT Operations, Splunk. “Our advanced observability capabilities bring monitoring into the modern era, empowering IT and DevOps teams to find, fix and prevent issues at any stage of their digital transformation journeys so they can deliver optimal user experiences.”

Cockroach Labs Introduces CockroachDB Serverless: Build What You Dream and Never Worry about the Database

Cockroach Labs, the company behind CockroachDB, the most highly evolved SQL database on the planet, announced the Beta release of CockroachDB Serverless. CockroachDB Serverless delivers fully elastic cloud data infrastructure fronted by a familiar SQL API that enables developers to start building instantly without planning for capacity, performance, or availability. Available instantly with resources provided on-demand, developers are freed from database operations to focus on what matters most – building world-changing applications. In addition, CockroachDB Serverless is free for small production applications and affordably scales with charges only accruing for the exact resources required.

“What you build and where it takes you shouldn’t be limited by the capabilities of your database. Since day one at Cockroach Labs, our mission has been to make it easy to build world-changing applications by providing a fundamentally better data infrastructure,” said Spencer Kimball, CEO, and co-founder of Cockroach Labs. “CockroachDB Serverless delivers on the core tenants that CockroachDB was built on six years ago: consistency, resiliency, locality, and scalability, and packages it into a product that is instantly available, easy to live with, and affordable, enabling all developers to build what they dream and never worry about the database again.”

SolarWinds Gives Data Pros the Tools for DataOps Success With Database Mapper and Task Factory 

SolarWinds (NYSE:SWI), a leading provider of simple, powerful, and secure IT management software, introduced SolarWinds® Database Mapper and SolarWinds Task Factory® as part of its comprehensive database ​​management portfolio, strengthening the company’s offering for data and technology professionals adopting and implementing DataOps strategies. With these solutions, data pros can accelerate data delivery across the organization and manage cloud migrations more efficiently.

“To remain competitive, increase market share, and drive growth, enterprises must ensure they’re extracting sufficient value from data. This includes receiving insights faster, improving data integrity and resilience, implementing automation, and reducing human error—all while juggling data privacy regulations,” said Rohini Kasturi, chief product officer, SolarWinds. “However, without the right tools and processes, managing large, diverse database environments can be laborious and time-consuming. With Database Mapper and Task Factory, SolarWinds delivers powerful, easy-to-use solutions for implementing successful DataOps strategies so organizations can maximize the value of their data and cloud migrations faster and more efficiently.”

Lakeside Software Unveils Prevent, An Intuitive Application that Enables the Entire IT Service Desk Chain to Proactively Improve DEX

Lakeside Software, a leader in digital experience management (DEM), introduced Lakeside Prevent, a core application within Lakeside’s updated Digital Experience Cloud platform, that enables the transformation of the service desk from reactive to proactive with comprehensive, intuitive workflows across every link in the IT support chain. With Prevent, IT departments are now able to automate at scale, dramatically reducing repeat issues through widespread self-healing automation capabilities. Prevent is the next evolution of Lakeside’s artificial intelligence for IT operations solution (AIOps). The powerful new tool builds upon the unique AIOps and digital experience management capabilities of Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud platform, empowering IT teams to identify and mass-heal issues before they become problems.

“Prevent makes the shift from reactive to proactive incident identification and resolution easier by automatically detecting the most severe and widespread issues for IT to focus on,” said Marc Moesse, SVP of Product, Lakeside Software. “Prevent’s ability to preemptively conduct focused investigations that rapidly detect and triage the most high-impact problems can significantly decrease support costs and improve overall organizational productivity for today’s modern, hybrid workforces.”

Industrial Defender Delivers OT Machine Learning Engine Using Both Network and Endpoint Data

Industrial Defender, an operational technology (OT) security pioneer, announced a new OT Machine Learning (OTML) Engine. The OTML Engine is powered by Industrial Defender’s contextual OT endpoint and network data and uses the extensive Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit algorithms, to help businesses implement machine learning at scale across OT environments.

“The centralization of machine learning is absolutely essential for it to be truly effective across any one organization – otherwise, it’s only useful for the particular system or plant in which it is currently being deployed,” said Peter Lund, Vice President of Product Management, Industrial Defender. “By marrying machine learning for both IT and OT environments in Splunk, our new OTML features enable predictive modeling and incident response for cyberattacks such as ransomware across the entire company, not just at the plant level.”

Clearbit launches deeper company intelligence and new features to engage website visitors

Clearbit, a leader in marketing intelligence software for B2B organizations, announced significant updates to its real-time data platform, enabling marketing, sales and operations teams to boost customer acquisition and conversion by revealing more of their hidden pipeline. Clearbit’s deeper and richer contact data, coupled with new platform features, provides teams with a better understanding of who their customers are – and more power to activate that data instantly at key customer touch points across the entire digital funnel.  

“Clearbit helps today’s fastest-growing companies compete and win by providing a full picture of their digital funnel, and enabling them to apply real-time intelligence at the most critical moments,” said Andrew O’Neal, Clearbit’s Chief Product Officer. “With our data and platform, we’re uniquely positioned to help teams not only identify their engaged prospects, but also apply the precise targeting and personalization that could mean the difference between a conversion and a missed opportunity.”

SparkBeyond Unveils No-Code AI Analytics Platform For Data Professionals

SparkBeyond announced the next iteration of “SparkBeyond Discovery,” its AI analytics platform for next-generation problem-solving. Now data professionals can leverage SparkBeyond’s sophisticated AI-driven platform to make better business decisions, faster. The new no-code platform, with a simplified user interface and embedded methodology, is now capable of faster discovery of novel insights and generation of predictive models. It explores millions of hypotheses per minute based on internal and external data sources to reveal previously unrecognized drivers of business and scenario outcomes, and explains its findings in natural language.

“The demand for data skills has reached virtually every industry. What was once considered a domain for expert data scientists at large enterprise organizations is now in urgent demand across companies of all sizes,” said Sagie Davidovich, CEO and co-founder, SparkBeyond. “Our new release is powerful yet intuitive enough that data professionals—including analysts at medium-sized and smaller organizations—can now harness the power of AI to quickly join multiple datasets, generate millions of hypotheses and create predictive models, unearthing unexpected drivers for better decision-making.”

Deephaven Community Core with Real-Time Data Capabilities Now Available

Deephaven Data Labs, a high performance time-series database, announced the release of Deephaven Community Core, a free, real-time analytics data engine with relational database features. Now available to the open source community, Deephaven Community Core empowers data developers and data scientists to access and apply dynamic and real-time data capabilities to help solve their big data use cases that drive analytics and applications. The amount of real-time data created is exponentially growing and companies need a way to quickly analyze and apply it to the decision-making process. Data scientists and data developers need a solution that seamlessly integrates real-time and historical data to realize the full potential of their data and eliminate the current dislocation and risk associated with analyzing these data sets with separate tools. 

“Historically, because of the limitations of available technology, data-driven business needs have been broken up into individual, more easily surmountable use cases. Static, historical batch data is analyzed separately and without consideration for real-time data and vice versa. This ultimately limits what data scientists and data developers can produce and how quickly they can innovate,” said Pete Goddard, Founding Partner and CEO at Deephaven. “We built Deephaven Community Core to be the best community data engine for addressing real-time data. It delivers new capabilities for working with Kafka, Arrow Flight, and Parquet that do not exist today, empowering a bench of people to work on data projects regardless of their title or skill level.” 

McObject reaches out with a true real-time deterministic database for embOS RTOS applications

McObject® announced the release of eXtremeDB®/rt, the commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) deterministic, hard real-time, database management system. eXtremeDB/rt is available immediately for the embOS real-time operating system from SEGGER. A true deterministic real-time database system guarantees that transactions complete (commit or rollback) within a set deadline. Real-time Operating Systems (RTOS) guarantee that tasks complete within their CPU budget. Both capabilities are mandatory to maintain internal and external consistency of data. Without a deadline guarantee, database systems that claim to be “fast enough” cannot be used in hard real-time systems.

“We are excited that McObject has created a first-of-its-kind real-time database system to complement our embOS RTOS and extend support for hard real-time systems to include database operations,” said SEGGER’s CEO, Ivo Geilenbruegge. “Real-time systems are following the trend of embedded systems in that they are being called upon to manage more (and more complex) data. embOS guarantees 100% deterministic real-time operation for each embedded device, while eXtremeDB/rt ensures data consistency over time. Both represent an ideal complement for developers of hard real-time systems.”

IBM Unveils AI-Driven Software for Environmental Intelligence, Helping Businesses Address Sustainability Objectives and Climate Risk

IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced a suite of environmental intelligence software that leverages AI to help organizations prepare for and respond to weather and climate risks that may disrupt business, more easily assess their own impact on the planet, and reduce the complexity of regulatory compliance and reporting.

“The future of business and the environment are deeply intertwined. Not only are companies coping with the effects of extreme weather disruptions on their operations, they’re also being held increasingly accountable by shareholders and regulators for how their operations impact the planet,” said Kareem Yusuf, Ph.D., General Manager, IBM AI Applications. “IBM is bringing together the power of AI and hybrid cloud to provide businesses with environmental intelligence designed to help them improve environmental performance and reporting, create more efficient business operations to reduce resource consumption, and plan for resiliency in the face of climate disruptions.”

Airbyte Announces Cloud Service With Pricing Adapted to Growing Data Volumes 

Airbyte, creators of the fastest-growing open-source data integration platform, launched its cloud service for moving data, which will unify other data integration systems that companies use. It comes with pricing based on compute time, which can be 10 times less expensive. Airbyte Cloud moves away from the industry-norm volume-based pricing, which prevents companies from replicating data sources with high volumes, like databases, because the cost becomes prohibitive.

“Typically, companies use an ETL or ELT (extract, load, transform) technology to move data from the most common APIs (application programming interface), or they build in-house scripts for the less common ones, and have yet another technology for database replication. Now, companies can do it all from Airbyte Cloud at a fraction of the cost,” said Michel Tricot, co-founder and CEO of Airbyte. “Using compute time as the basis for pricing is a well-understood concept and data processing platforms like Snowflake have already adopted that model.”

PrivaceraCloud 4.0 Enables Groundbreaking Governed Data Sharing Across the Open Cloud 

Privacera, a unified data access governance leader founded by the creators of Apache Ranger™, announced the general availability of PrivaceraCloud 4.0, marking an industry-disrupting milestone in data governance and security. The offering sets a new benchmark in data access governance by enabling enterprises to securely and rapidly exchange data– both inside and outside organizational boundaries– with a unified interface to govern and enforce fine-grained data permissions and policies. The company was recently acknowledged for its data governance capabilities having been named the most innovative platform as evaluated by GigaOm Radar for Data Governance Solutions. 

“PrivaceraCloud 4.0 is a direct response to a tremendous need we’ve seen across the data and analytics industry. Our customers asked for a seamless, secure way to share critical business data internally and externally with partners, so they can keep pace with rapidly evolving business needs – and we listened,” said Rajiv Dholakia, VP of Product Management at Privacera. “We are excited to provide this new, unified, secure experience to help our customers and partners alike truly maximize the power of their data and transform their businesses.”

Piano Announces New Digital Analytics Solution, Challenging Google and Adobe

Piano, a global analytics and activation platform, announced the launch of Piano Analytics, an advanced analytics solution built from the ground up to address the challenge many users face with the overly complicated, yet limited, tools currently available. Piano Analytics generates a single source of truth in reporting, for segments, or for targeting by unifying data, including marketing analytics, product analytics, content analytics, transaction data and first-party data. Piano Analytics is also privacy-centric — built to comply with the strictest privacy laws in the world — and is the only major analytics provider to receive an exemption from the French administrative body CNIL, allowing Piano to collect analytics without first requiring user consent. The platform can easily define a virtually unlimited number of custom events, dimensions and metrics, providing the most relevant reporting on key performance indicators without sacrificing data quality or privacy.

“We’ve always been focused on helping our clients understand their customers and make data-driven decisions. But up until now, there has been a virtual monopoly of legacy analytics tools that have been using bad data — they are too complicated and too limited to adapt to today’s sophisticated digital channels,” said Trevor Kaufman, CEO of Piano. “Aligning an organization on one set of numbers is the first step to getting an organization aligned on one set of decisions. We believe Piano Analytics is the best way to accelerate that path to transformation.”

TriggerMesh Open Source Integration Platform for Kubernetes Now Available

TriggerMesh, a cloud native integration platform provider, announced the launch of the TriggerMesh Integration Platform as an open source project available under the Apache Software License 2.0. For modern enterprise technology teams, TriggerMesh simplifies and accelerates connecting applications and data across multiple clouds and on-premises data centers. The TriggerMesh approach to integration is very similar to the way “infrastructure as code” solutions such as Anisble, Chef, Hashicorp, and Puppet use to deploy infrastructure by DevOps teams. The TriggerMesh free and open source platform allows cloud operators and DevOps practitioners to deploy integrations as codeTM, which dramatically accelerates time to value and improves flexibility compared with typical integration platforms-as-a-service (IPAAS) solutions. 

“As a former VP of the Apache CloudStack project and the founder of the Kubeless serverless framework for Kubernetes, I deeply believe that the open source development and distribution model is the best way to deliver enterprise cloud software,” said Sebastien Gosguen, TriggerMesh Co-founder and Head of Product. “Our team of developers have deep open source experience and have built the foundation for a vibrant open source community to emerge around the TriggerMesh platform.”

IBM and Deloitte Launch New Offering That Allows Global Enterprises to Unlock Business Value with Data and AI in Hybrid Cloud Environments

IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Deloitte announced a new offering—DAPPER, an AI-enabled managed analytics solution. The solution reinforces the two organizations’ 21-year global alliance—which helps organizations accelerate the adoption of hybrid cloud and AI across the enterprise—and 10 years of experience implementing the Deloitte Analytics Platform. DAPPER’s end-to-end capabilities will allow organizations to gain confidence in the insights that their data provides via a secured, simple to consume managed service offering that aims to resolve the challenges of adopting AI.

“Today’s announcement is another proof point of the companies’ longtime collaboration to help clients modernize with advanced technology,” said Evaristus Mainsah, GM, Hybrid Cloud and Edge Ecosystem, IBM. “Together, Deloitte and IBM have created a flexible hybrid cloud engine that can extract real value for clients by using AI to make the most of their data. DAPPER will drive transformation, spur innovation, and reshape business to pave a pathway to digital dominance.”

Run:AI Eliminates GPU Resource Allocation Issues for AI Workloads

Run:AI, a leader in compute orchestration for AI workloads, released two new AI technologies, ‘Thin GPU Provisioning’ and ‘Job Swapping’ which together completely automate the allocation and utilization of GPUs. Together with the rest of Run:AI’s solution, Thin GPU Provisioning and Job Swapping can bring AI cluster utilization to almost 100%, ensuring no resources are sitting idle. Data Scientists often receive an allocation of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), reserving those chips so they cannot be used by others. With Thin GPU Provisioning and Job Swapping, whenever a running workload is not utilizing its allocated GPUs, those resources can be provisioned and used by a different workload. This innovation is similar to classic ‘Thin Provisioning’, first introduced by VMware for Storage Area Networks, where available storage disk space is allocated but not provisioned until necessary.

“Researchers are no longer able to ‘hug’ GPUs — making them unavailable for use by others. They simply run their jobs and Run:AI’s quota management, Thin GPU Provisioning and Job Swapping features seamlessly allocate resources efficiently without any user intervention,” said Dr. Ronen Dar, CTO and co-founder of Run:AI.

AI Clearing Announces AI SurveyorTM, the Near Real-Time Business Intelligence Platform for Large Scale Infrastructure Projects 

AI Clearing, a market leader in automated analytics for large-scale construction and infrastructure projects, announced the official launch of AI SurveyorTM, an industry-first platform that empowers construction industry stakeholders with near real-time business intelligence for large scale infrastructure projects. Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics capabilities continue to gain market traction, and there is no longer a need to rely on human-based surveying and data processing. Most construction teams meet on a daily basis, and with AI SurveyorTM, project managers now have business intelligence powered by design and drone data to make informed decisions that ensure project timelines are met and budgets are optimized. 

“The ability to have this type of aerial drone data and predictive analytics within a 24-hour cycle simply was not available until now,” said Michael Mazur, CEO & Co-Founder at AI Clearing. “Our global team of developers has been working for the last two years to build out the technical functionality of the AI SurveyorTM platform, and we have been deploying it in the field with several of our clients already. This platform has the potential to save tens of millions of dollars in costly delays across thousands of infrastructure projects around the world. It’s an exciting time for the construction industry as technology continues to shift how work gets done.”

Percona Announces General Availability of Kubernetes Operator for PostgreSQL, Expands Managed Services 

Percona, a leader in open source database software and services, announced the general availability of its new Kubernetes Operator for PostgreSQL. This helps developers and DevOps teams to simplify how they manage and automate their PostgreSQL database deployments alongside applications. Percona is also expanding its Managed Services offering around PostgreSQL. Percona Managed Services help developer teams to manage and improve database performance for their implementations. The team delivers services that allow companies to stabilize their applications as they scale up, and then focus on reviewing application performance, implementing business continuity, and tuning queries over time.

Fluent Project Creators Announce Calyptia Cloud, the First Mile Data Observability Platform for Enterprises

The creators and maintainers of Fluentd and Fluent Bit have announced the launch of Calyptia Cloud, a hosted solution for visualizing and optimizing their observability pipelines. Calyptia Cloud provides a turnkey service for managing and visualizing open source Fluentd and Fluent Bit to relieve the burdens of conjuration and monitoring, allowing customers to focus on gaining the most insights and value out of their data pipelines in cloud native environments.

“From our experience building the Fluent projects, we have a deep understanding of how to run first mile observability technology in production working with multiple trillion dollar and 100B+ companies across financial, tech, and medical sectors,” said Eduardo Silva, CEO and co-founder of Calyptia. “We started Calyptia to help users get even greater value out of their Fluentd and FluentBit observability pipelines, and we’re encouraged by the thousands of early beta users who have already signed up for Calyptia Cloud.”

TuxCare Services Launches Database Live Patching for MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL – No Maintenance Window Required

TuxCare announced the availability of DatabaseCare, its live patching service for the most common open-source enterprise-grade databases, MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL — which is a first in the industry. With this service, TuxCare eliminates one of the biggest hurdles in maintaining up-to-date databases – the difficulty of taking down one of the core services in today’s enterprise IT infrastructure. While most IT teams understand the risks associated with an unpatched database, they struggle to find the right maintenance window opportunities to deploy security patches and fixes due to business needs. When known vulnerabilities go unpatched for weeks or months, malicious actors have more time to find and exploit them.

“Live patching critical systems is paramount to maintaining availability and enhancing security,” said Jim Jackson, president and chief revenue officer at TuxCare. “Databases store an organization’s most valuable asset – its data. We know that making sure the data is safe is a universal concern across industries and IT teams. DatabaseCare provides fast patches for new vulnerabilities – no service restarts are necessary at all.”

Software AG Offers New Ways to Automate the Connected Enterprise with webMethods

Software AG (Frankfurt MDAX: SOW) today announced new ways for customers to automate their connected enterprises through its webMethods platform for APIs, integration and microservices. Through its new DataHub, Developer Portal and Managed File Transfer (MFT) tools, and hundreds of connectors and integration recipes, companies can simplify and automate key steps to becoming a connected enterprise.

“Today, companies are looking for ways to connect all their technology, whether it’s legacy or cutting edge,” said Suraj Kumar, GM of API, Integration and Microservices at Software AG. “Our customers continue to face the pressure of performing at the ‘speed of business’ while trying to democratize their IT investments. From global banks to retailers, we are responding to companies that need real-time business insights, automate their integrations and deliver hybrid cloud solutions without abandoning existing systems.”

Cube Dev Launches Cube Cloud, SaaS Version of Cube.js Analytics API

Cube Dev, the open-source company behind Cube.js, announced the general availability of Cube Cloud, a hosted version of the company’s popular open source Cube.js analytics API. With Cube Cloud, companies build data applications like metrics dashboards and analytics features that consume data from their cloud data warehouse—without building or hosting any of the complex technologies required to make this possible. Cube Cloud connects to a company’s SQL data sources and builds an API backend to serve this data to an application. This makes it easy for developers to build applications with the visualization libraries and front-end code tools of their choice. The service  leverages all of the features of the open source Cube.js offering including SQL modeling, data schema, access control, a querying API, and caching and acceleration. 

“To build an application that uses data from a data warehouse, a developer will typically design and maintain the logic and infrastructure they need to request data from multiple sources—a complex, and time-consuming process,” said Artyom Keydunov, chief executive and co-founder of Cube Dev. “Cube Cloud’s hosted infrastructure provides businesses with reduced engineering complexity, increased reliability and performance, and radically shortened time to build their data applications.”

Komprise makes it easier than ever to find and act on “needles in haystacks” of unstructured data

Komprise, a leader in analytics-driven data management as a service, introduced Komprise Deep Analytics Actions, a systematic way to find specific data across hybrid cloud storage silos and move just the right subset of data to rapidly feed data pipelines. For example, researchers at a pharmaceutical company can query and extract the files related to a specific experiment generated by a set of researchers, even if these files might be a small fraction of the petabytes scattered across datacenters and clouds, and then import this virtual data set into a data lake or data warehouse for further analysis. 

“With Komprise Deep Analytics Actions, departmental users can maximize the business value of their unstructured data by leveraging their domain knowledge to cull and find the right data sets to operate on across all their silos,” said Kumar Goswami, co-founder and CEO of Komprise.

Streamlit Releases Version 1.0, the Fastest Way to Build and Share Machine Learning and Data Science Apps

Streamlit, the creators of a fast and powerful app framework for machine learning and data science, announced that Streamlit 1.0 is generally available. Streamlit is a powerful and easy-to-use framework that lets data scientists quickly build web apps to access and explore machine learning models, advanced algorithms and complex data types. These apps are used for everything from advanced analytics dashboards to sales and marketing tools based off of the latest predictive algorithms. Streamlit’s unique workflow is 10x faster than other alternatives, making it possible for data scientists to go from idea to deployed app in only a few hours.

“Streamlit shows the incredible power of community-driven software to disrupt industries,” said Adrien Treuille, co-founder and CEO of Streamlit. “Declaring 1.0 is a major achievement for Streamilt’s incredible development team and community. And we’re just getting started. What we’ve done in the past two years is nothing compared to what’s coming next!”

Sinequa Accelerates Time-to-Value with “Starter” Insight Apps 

Sinequa, a leading provider of Intelligent Enterprise Search, announces new accelerators for custom Insight Apps. These accelerators, referred to as Starter Apps, power highly tailored search experiences that bring all relevant enterprise content together in the flow of work for all employees. This significantly reduces the amount of time and effort it takes to build and scale powerful Insight Apps for today’s most complex and high-value use cases. These Insight Apps power the digital hybrid workplace of the future and benefit knowledge-intensive industries and applications such as life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, and intelligence and information discovery.

“The value of Sinequa’s Starter Apps lies in their ability to create Insight Apps at speed. Customized search experiences have always taken longer to develop and deploy and have been more complex to maintain because of the extensive personalization required,” said Jeff Evernham, Vice President, Product Strategy at Sinequa. “Sinequa’s Starter Apps give enterprises the benefits of customization without having to compromise on delivery speed. Our customers and partners appreciate how the Starter Apps allow them to quickly deploy multiple Insight Apps that do what they need without all the effort typically associated with custom solutions.”

Memgraph Launches Streaming Graph Algorithms to the Masses

Memgraph, the streaming graph application platform, announced Memgraph 2.0, the public launch of its source-available platform, making it easy for modern application developers to build streaming graph applications. As the amount of data flowing through modern tech stacks increases at an exponential rate, so too does the number of data sources. Building applications while managing such high-speed workloads is a complex problem which compounds as ever more data is introduced to the environment. Building graph applications is even harder and currently a privilege reserved for FAANG companies and other large corporations with teams of data scientists. 

“With today’s launch, Memgraph empowers all developers — from the open source hobbyist to engineers at large enterprises — to stream, graph, and build in minutes,” said Dominik Tomicevic, CEO and co-founder of Memgraph. “Memgraph 2.0 gives developers the ability to wrangle all of their data sources and build graph-based applications on top of their streaming data.” 

TigerGraph Delivers Latest Large-Scale, Enterprise-Grade Graph Solution

TigerGraph announced its next major product release, TigerGraph 3.2 — a release that includes more than 40 critical enterprise features and positions TigerGraph as the leading large-scale enterprise-grade graph database product in the world. TigerGraph 3.2 includes new availability, scalability, manageability, and security functionalities to ensure mission-critical graph applications work flawlessly in both private and public clouds. This latest enterprise version of TigerGraph will meet ever-increasing demand from the world’s top companies, boost developer adoption and address key data science requirements.

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