Qlik Announces Inaugural Professor Ambassador Class to Celebrate Educators Helping to Create a Data-Literate World

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Qlik® announced its first-ever Academic Program Professor Ambassador Class, a select network of academics from the Qlik Academic Program, that have demonstrated dedication and excellence in leveraging Qlik to drive data literacy with analytics in the classroom and preparing students for the data-driven economy.

The Professor Ambassador Program is an extension of the Qlik Academic Program, which helps universities improve the value of their offerings by teaching marketable data skills, while helping students advance their analytical and data literacy proficiency within every academic discipline with Qlik. Professors selected for ambassador status join a unique network of like-minded peers from across the world, gaining exclusive access to additional Qlik resources, and raising their profiles as a champion of data literacy in education. The inaugural class includes:

  • Richard Wilkinson, Senior Lecturer in Computing, University of Worcester (UK)
  • Jerry Roek, Adjunct Faculty in Statistics and Business Analytics, Oakland University, Texas A&M – San Antonio (US)
  • Javier Leon, Adjunct Professor in Business Intelligence and Analytics, Saint Joseph’s University and Villanova University (US)
  • Angelika Klidas, Lecturer in Data and Analytics, University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam (NL)
  • Blerim Emruli, Senior Lecturer in Informatics, Lund University (SE)
  • Sukanta Ghosh, Assistant Professor in Computer Applications, Lovely Professional University (IN)
  • Josué Lima Romano, Research Professor in Economic and Social Sciences, Universidad de Congreso (AR)

“I’m honored to be part of the first-ever Professor Ambassador Class at Qlik, helping to spread the word on the importance of data literacy and the power of analytics,” said Javier Leon, Adjunct Professor in Business Intelligence and Analytics, Saint Joseph’s University and Villanova University. “In my role, I’m always thinking about how people can become data literate so they can create value for their professional careers and their organizations, and through the program I hope to help more universities understand the importance of having students that are well-prepared in state-of-the-art technologies like Qlik. With tools such as Qlik we can help students become professionals who make data-driven decisions and improve the way their organization performs by better understanding its data.”

Members in the Professor Ambassador Class are committed to working with Qlik to further a shared vision of making students more data-literate and better prepared to become leaders in the dynamic data-driven world. As ambassadors for the Qlik Academic Program, they will also have numerous opportunities to share their experiences and learnings at Qlik and third-party events, in forums, in university publications and professional journals, and more.

“Data literacy is a critical success factor in today’s economy, and will become even more important with the accelerated adoption of digital technologies and automation rapidly taking place across every industry,” said Kevin Hanegan, Qlik Chief Learning Officer. “The Professor Ambassador Program celebrates education leaders from our Qlik Academic Program that have stood out in their ability to recognize this shift and leverage Qlik to better enable their students for the data-driven workplace.”

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  1. This sounds like an excellent program. Congratulations for supporting such an initiative.