Is Machine Learning The Biggest Focus In The Mobile Industry?

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Whether people aware of it or not, artificial intelligence and machine learning have had a huge impact on human interaction, particularly in regards to machines, computers and devices. The impact can be felt across a range of industries including travel, retail and advertisement. Both Android and iOS mobile platforms have utilized this technology to create innovative and exciting new apps.

How Is Machine Learning Currently Being Used?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology are already being utilized to try and better our experiences every day. For example, self-driving cars and driverless buses are well on their way to being rolled out into the mainstream. What once was a faraway fantasy you’d only seen in a sci-fi movie is quickly turning into a reality.

Chatbots have proven to be one of the most commercial and widespread ways we are currently utilizing machine learning. Chatbots can be used to enhance the user experience, most notably from industries such as retail, or those who provide a service. The technology is specifically designed to be able to adapt, meaning it can refine customer service answers to queries by analyzing chats with customers, adapting the responses every time to be more accurate and relevant.

Other ways machine learning is being applied include: healthcare where it’s currently used to improve diagnosis of patient’s problems and helping to prevent them in the future, in the law sector to analyze large amounts of data that would ordinarily take days, and in education where it can assist the teacher with everyday tasks such as grading papers and lesson planning.

Changing The Norms

Machine learning is already changing the way we use our mobile phones. Something as simple as an internet search has been transformed using machine learning. Users are now able to search using images and their voice, thanks to sophisticated image and voice recognition systems.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence has also improved subject detection on smartphone cameras. This is one of the most important areas whereby Android and IOS phone manufacturers are truly adopting the new technology. Using artificial intelligence, a smartphone camera can now instantly detect the subject – helping with facial recognition. It can even organize your photo’s depending on the subject.

It’s also being used for translating languages in real-time, a previously inconceivable notion. The integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence will allow the user to speak into the device and then translate it back in real-time. What’s more, it won’t even require an internet connection for it to work.

Better App Development

For mobile app developers, there’s never been a more exciting time. They now have endless possibilities when it comes to apps. Apps that require machine learning and artificial intelligence are now possible. Previously, an app development company may have had the ideas but not the technology to support their vision. Thanks to rapid technological developments, creating bigger and better apps is the way forward.

Security On Mobile Devices Can Be Helped With AI

Security is perhaps one of the most important features of a mobile phone, something which artificial intelligence is now able to improve. We’ve seen fingerprint recognition become the new standard when unlocking our smartphones, but quick on its tail was face recognition. In September 2017, the iPhone X featured the face unlocking feature, Apple uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to make this possible.

Furthermore, Samsung has gone one step further by “scanning” the eye as a way to unlock the phone. The current version requires you to remove your glasses, but in the future, there’s easily a way in which it can still be recognized despite changes to the face.

Additionally, cybersecurity will be taken to the next level with AI. It will be able to recognize suspicious user behavior, raising security concerns and issues by giving out alerts to the user about possible threats and vulnerability simply by analyzing the typical user behavior.

The Future Of Machine Learning In The Mobile Industry

The speedy growth of machine learning in the mobile industry is both exciting and overwhelming. Just as a consumer becomes used to a certain way of using their mobile phone, it seems new technology is developed to completely change the next edition of the device. It’s clear that AI and ML are one of the biggest focuses of the mobile industry.

In the coming years, artificial intelligence and machine learning are likely to be used to further enhance the user experience, making it more personalized than ever. Getting ahead in terms of AI seems to be the prime way to get ahead of your competitors within the industry. Time will tell what new technology IOS and Android developers will bring out next.

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