Coursera Expands Coursera for Business Features, Launches AI-powered Skills Benchmarking Tool

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Coursera, an online learning leader, announced the launch of Skills Benchmarking, a powerful new Coursera for Business tool that enables organizations to measure how their talent stacks up against others in their industry as well as identify top performing individuals in a given competency area. With instant access to data that measures competencies across industries, companies can now better understand their own talent profile, where the gaps are, and how best to close them.

Coursera’s skills benchmarking insights are built atop the company’s Skills Graph, which maps a robust hierarchy of skills to the content on the platform, as well as to the careers, companies, and industries that require them. Skills Benchmarking then uses machine learning models trained on anonymized learning and assessment performance data from Coursera’s vast learner and content base to create an aggregate view of a company workforce’s core capabilities and how they rank within a defined peer group. Companies can customize this group based on any combination of industry, geographic region, and company size.

As advancing technologies continue to change the way businesses operate, organizations need to assess and benchmark their talent continuously in order to compete,” said Leah Belsky, Vice President, Enterprise. “We’re thrilled to equip businesses across industries with top quality learning content to drive deep reskilling, and organizations can now leverage actionable data to improve their strategic workforce transformation agenda.”

In the last two years, Coursera for Business has provided more than 1,000 businesses with the tools and resources they need to transform their current and future talent. Skills Benchmarking is the latest tool in this arsenal, designed to help organizations leverage advanced analytics to make strategic hiring, training, and talent deployment decisions. Early customers have found the tool particularly valuable for understanding their competitive talent positioning and for identifying employees with business-critical skills.

Having quantifiable insights into Adobe’s technical talent helps us understand not only which technology domains we have talent within, but also the level of expertise within those technologies. These insights will give us a distinct advantage as we look to deploy our best talent against our most important technology priorities. We’ll also use these insights to inform our technical training objectives and support Adobe Sensei, particularly focusing on AI and machine learning,” said Seth Martinez, Program Manager for Technical Talent Development at Adobe.

Coursera has helped millions of learners worldwide grow their careers in an affordable and flexible way. With the launch of Skills Benchmarking, Coursera for Business continues to offer new and powerful ways in which companies can leverage the platform’s scale and content to stay competitive. The feature will become widely available to customers over the next few months.

The Skills Benchmarking tool provides an invaluable opportunity to help us identify our best talent and understand how it compares to other leading organizations. The initial insights we’ve drawn from the tool will support future talent development solutions with a specific focus on innovation and digital transformation,” said Mariam Kakkar, Chief of Talent Development at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


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