How Operational Machine Learning is Transforming Industrial Operations

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Our friends over at Falkonry just released the new infographic below “How Operational Machine Learning is Transforming Industrial Operations.” It includes some great data on how fast the industry is growing, who is using it (Toyota, Ciner, Honda, Kawasaki, etc.), how predictive analysis works, and applications per market (semiconductor, oil and gas, energy, automotive, mining, etc.).

Falkonry helps companies improve the performance, throughput, quality and yield of their industrial operations. They do this by discovering patterns hidden in your existing operational data and delivering actionable analytical insights. Their ready-to-use machine learning system, “data scientist-in-a-box,” can be deployed and used directly by practitioners like manufacturing engineers or process engineers and does not require a data scientist.



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  1. Very interesting article, machine learning improves the productivity of work as well as secures data,with the use of ML the operations will become smoother and this will help in the demand and supply of goods.