Deep Learning Course Student Launches Big Data Visualization Software Company

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Richard Sheng is the co-founder of QuantumViz, a big data visualization software company that allows data scientists and analysts to find insights in massive data sets, and create amazing data stories in 3D, VR, or AR. Richard worked in data science previous to taking the Deep Learning course with NYC Data Science Academy but now works as the CEO and co-founder of QuantumViz, which was his final project of the course.

Before NYCDSA, Richard spent four years at TE Connectivity in Strategy and Business Development, working on strategic data science projects that have created multi-million dollar revenue impact. Prior to TE, Richard was an Investment Banker at Nomura Securities, supporting technology, media, and financial technology institutions. Before Nomura, Richard was a Principal Consultant in the SAP Data Science team, working with clients like Disney, Altria, FedEx and many other large corporations across industries. He also has an MBA from New York University Stern School of Business.

For his Deep Learning capstone project at NYC Data Science Academy, Richard analyzed over 160,000 websites utilizing an unsupervised learning algorithm. The hypothesis was to use the clusters as a lead generation engine. With available visualization tools, he was able to see that there were indeed clusters, but he couldn’t interact with the data. This is what inspired QuantumViz.

While taking the Deep Learning course at NYCDSA, Richard realized a gap in the market. “Data scientists struggle to explain how Machine Learning algorithms work to non-technical stakeholders, and therefore aren’t able to drive change,” he found. “With massive data volumes, this problem becomes worse. By utilizing our software to create immersive visualizations, data scientists can easily share insights from big data analysis, and engage business stakeholders with amazing data-stories.”

Richard, who first attended two courses about Data Science with R (Data Analytic and visualization) and Data Science with R (Machine learning) at the NYCDSA in 2013 and 2014, chose the NYCDSA Deep Learning course in 2017 because it gave him “first-hand experience of how difficult it was to visualize complex analysis with big data. This is what inspired QuantumViz, a big data visualization in VR company.” Richard also notes that “AI or data-driven companies that struggle to engage stakeholders or explain their algorithms can utilize QuantumViz to tell their data-stories in a captivating way. The platform is also VR-ready, where QuantumViz is completely reimagining and redefining how data insights can be experienced. Some users are using the technology to showcase “customer journeys,” as each data point represents actions taken by customers.”


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