Agorai to Democratize AI with the Launch of Integrated Marketplaces

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Agorai, the integrated marketplaces for Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and the data assets that fuel them, today announced the Agorai Marketplaces. Designed to remove market inefficiencies, reward data creators and drive measurable value, Agorai brings together data owners and AI companies to create AI-driven solutions that solve real business problems. Comprised of two distinct marketplaces, the AI Marketplace and the Data Marketplace, the Agorai platform is being built on blockchain technology and will allow users to retain ownership of their own AI tools and data assets, while enabling others to access them at scale, across the globe.

While it may seem that we are constantly hearing about new AI advancements, the reality is that AI is today controlled by no more than five companies,” says Josh Sutton, CEO Agorai. “The underlying problem is that AI needs data to fuel its development. And if you aren’t Google, Microsoft or IBM for example, you are unlikely to have access to, or be able to afford to buy, the data you need to develop your idea and take it to market. Not only is this uncompetitive, but it deprives the world of some potentially ground-breaking advancements. We are working to make AI more accessible for all, with the added bonus that these Marketplaces will drive significant improvements in automation and efficiencies across industries.”

Agorai is creating a user-friendly one-stop shop, via which AI companies can cost effectively access the massive data assets they need to create world class AI tools. At the same time, it is delivering a previously unavailable path for them to take these tools to market. Built on blockchain technology, every transaction that takes place on the Agorai Marketplaces will be fully transparent, completely distributed and securely validated.

The Agorai AI Marketplace enables people building AI tools and applications to access and share assets otherwise unavailable to them and provides a distribution channel for AI companies to put AI in the hands of those who need it. Agorai’s Data Marketplace keeps data ownership in the hands of those who create it and has developed a way for data owners, individuals or companies, to securely monetize their data assets. The Agorai Marketplaces match data owners with companies developing AI tools, so they can create more intelligent AI. For advertisers, for example, this means access to data-at-scale, delivering a much more accurate view of the customer. It also provides access to AI tools that deliver the next generation of advertising targeting.

The Agorai Marketplaces are currently being piloted and are scheduled for launch in late-2018. To participate in the pilot or for more information visit


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