2018 Executive Round Up – Part 4

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Welcome to insideAI News’s annual Executive Round Up designed to give our readers a sense for what the upcoming year is going to look like with respective to our focus technologies: big data, data science, machine learning, AI and deep learning. Weighing in with their thought-leadership predictions are some of the industry’s biggest players. We’re honored to pass along these comments to our valued audience.

In this article, final Part 4 of the series, we’ll examine what increasing role AI will play in digital transformation initiatives in 2018. We’ll see that AI continues to get smarter and more practical. But in the end, competitive success is all about information, and we know machines can do a better, faster job of understanding information patterns than people. As a consequence, AI is front and center in 2018 and enterprises are going to be hyper focused on innovation that advances their digital transformation journey.

Daniel D. Gutierrez, Managing Editor and Resident Data Scientist – insideAINews.com


insideAI News: An increasing percentage of digital transformation initiatives will use AI services. How will 2018 help solidify this trend?

Pankaj Goyal, VP, AI Business & Data Center Strategy, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Absolutely. More than the use of AI services, AI will transform our world of possibilities in 2018. Our experiences with AI will create new experiences and possibilities. AI is the new UI. I am excited about how AI re-shapes the digital transformation initiatives taking them to a whole new level.


Roy Kim, Director of Product Marketing for FlashBlade, Pure Storage

​It makes sense. Deep learning is the killer app for big data. In 2018, all the necessary tools are at the enterprises’ fingertips to get started.



John (“Jay”) Boisseau, Ph.D., HPC & AI Technology Strategist, Dell EMC

There is so much potential for AI that no enterprise can ignore it completely. If you are not using all of your data for the deepest insights, you’re at risk of being left behind–out-innovated, outperformed, and outcompeted. When a transformation of this game-changing magnitude comes along–like web, mobile, and now AI–you embrace or you lose. Because AI only produces results if an enterprise has taken great care to collect and manage it’s data, make it available without barriers, etc., one can only leverage the power of AI if one executes an organization-wide digital transformation strategy. AI will be necessary to win, and it will be part of,  enabled by, and motivation for, that organization-wide digital transformation strategy. Organizations will take better care of their data, and use that data to accelerate their business efficiencies and innovation.


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  1. Where are the women in this article? There are thousands of women experts in this field.

    • We agree with you! We strive for diversity here on insideBIGDATA.com as evidenced by all the bylines written by female technologists from around the world. Hopefully our next quarterly Executive Round Up will feature women from our new Partners that contribute to this channel.