CLEW Medical Unveils Its AI Predictive Platform, Leveraging Untapped Patient Data to Provide Actionable Tracking for Patients at Risk

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CLEW Medical, formerly known as Intensix, is launching its AI predictive-analytics platform to prevent life threatening complications in all care settings, using real-time data and machine learning technology. Already proven in the ICU, CLEW’s platform provides medical staff and healthcare administrators with actionable clinical, operational and financial insights to streamline medical care.

The average digital footprint of a patient includes 300 unique data elements, some of which are measured every few milliseconds. The amount of data is too overwhelming to analyze in the time that critical decisions need to be made by medical professionals.

Using patients’ digital footprint, CLEW’s centralized AI platform offers healthcare providers with predictive insights for the health conditions of all admitted patients in different departments, including:

  • Actionable tracking for at risk patients – Supplies early notifications for rapid response teams once the system identifies a patient experiencing unexpected clinical deterioration
  • Patient flow and clinical path management – Identifies deviations from the patient’s foreseen medical outcomes
  • Continuous assessment of level of care – Provides actionable analytics to determine if the patient’s level of care should be altered
  • Real-time clinical resource allocation – Prioritizes allocation of scarce clinical resources to save costs

More and more we’re seeing hospitals around the world adapting to the digital age of medical technology, and we’d like to make this digital transformation in healthcare as efficient as possible by leveraging data that’s already available to us,” says, Gal Salomon, CEO and Founder of CLEW. “With our advanced clinical ICU-tested algorithms that customizes physiological models and predicts patients deterioration before it happens, our goal is to bring hospitals into the future of medical care, and redefine healthcare delivery.”


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