Unifi Software Announces OneMind™, Artificial Intelligence Powering Every Stage of the Analytic Process

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Unifi Software, a leader in self-service access to data, announced OneMind™— Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineered and seamlessly integrated at every stage of the analytics process. With AI capabilities powering every pillar of the Unifi Data Platform, business users become even more self-sufficient as they solve challenging data problems that drive their business. OneMind obscures the technical complexity of sourcing, exploring and preparing data to augment a business users’ knowledge of their data, and delivers precise recommendations and insights instantly. The more users that engage across the Unifi Data Platform, the more intuitive data insights become as OneMind learns to predict patterns and recommend data sets to serve up to users. This level of business analyst self-sufficiency dramatically reduces the burden on IT teams to support data access requests from across the organization from business users.

AI is core to Unifi’s self-service data platform and cuts across all the pillars including Governance and Security, Catalog and Discovery, Data Preparation, Collaboration and Community and Workflow Automation. When a business analyst searches for data using the catalog and discovery tools, Unifi will automatically detect and recommend common data cleansing and enrichment tasks. The platform will present recommendations on how to address those data cleansing issues using its unique OneClick Functions™. All the business person has to do is accept the recommendations and Unifi applies the data cleansing routines behind the scenes and the data is transformed,” said Ayush Parashar, Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering for Unifi Software. “With our deep engineering expertise in AI and support for Natural Language Queries, we make it very easy for any kind of user to ask questions on the catalog and generate the answer through Natural Language Processing, leading to a Google-like experience on data and metadata discovery. From a technology perspective, OneMind captures complicated relationships between enterprises’ data, metadata in various sources into a governed dynamically growing ‘Enterprise Data Knowledge Graph’ that can be displayed visually and provides a simple, interactive user experience.”

Unifi was founded with the goal to make data broadly accessible to every business user and professional inside of an organization who in some way is responsible for orchestrating change, regardless of their level of technical competency, and at the same time provide IT with the tools to maintain security, compliance and governance. Whether a user needs to solve issues around customer retention, to identify new business channel opportunities, or to find social and economic dependencies that can impact local communities, they often cannot afford to wait for the answer and may lack the technical knowledge on how to derive those answers themselves. Now with Unifi’s OneMind many of the complex technical tasks required to derive insights are predicted and recommended to the user.

Together with AI-powered recommendations, OneMind delivers advanced natural language query support. Now a business user can use a Google-like interface to ask questions of their data such as; “What is the median house price of single-family homes in San Mateo County?” Unifi OneMind will present the answer without further user intervention. Behind the scenes advanced algorithms are profiling the datasets to identify the price attribute, cleansing inconsistent data such as SFH, single-family home, single family, detached home etc., and then calculating the correct value. It’s this kind of data accessibility and access to corporate data insights that changes the game in business intelligence.

Governance & Security:

OneMind automatically recommends attributes that should be masked to maintain compliance, such as GDPR.

Data Catalog & Discovery:

OneMind automatically profiles data connected to the Unifi Data Platform to provide business users with the knowledge they need to understand what each dataset contains. Enterprise Data Knowledge Graphs and visual representations are also discovered and displayed automatically. Dataset recommendations are presented to the user based on choices they have previously made, significantly reducing the time to explore their enterprise’s own data.

Data Preparation:

With OneMind many of the steps a user must take to cleanse, enrich, parse, normalize, transform, filter, and format data prior to visualization are now entirely automated via the OneClick Functions. When Unifi predicts how a user will want to join multiple datasets together for business insights it recommends specific tasks for data cleansing and normalizing. A user can opt to simply have Unifi proceed automatically or manually direct each process.

Workflows & Automation:

OneMind makes recommendations to users on previously created workflow automation jobs. If a user is granted access to the job through the governance pillar of Unifi, they can then use that job as is or edit the job for their own purposes. OneMind also powers the Unifi Cost Based Optimizer that schedules and runs jobs in the fastest way for the least processing cost.

Collaboration & Community:

OneMind automatically scans tags and attributes as it serves up recommendations and predictions based on the value and quality of data as provided by the community of data users on the Unifi Data Platform.


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