AI vs. Human SEO: How to Keep the Balance?

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In the light of recent growth concerning Artificial Intelligence (AI), we – marketers, are left both a little worried and excited when it comes to the future of our jobs. See now, SEO is crucial. No shocking news there. A lot, and I mean very many SEO specialists try their best to optimize websites for SEO, write unique content, find guest post opportunities from highly authoritative websites and so on and so forth. Thanks to the buzzword of nowadays online world, I’m speaking about AI, performing SEO is getting easier day by day. But a question arises here, how much of that interference do we need and how do we keep the balance between what AI can do and what will be left for human specialists to work on? Let me answer the question right away: we should combine the best features of AI and human SEO. Smart, right? How we do that? To be honest, I am getting tired of all these rhetorical questions too, so I’ll just skip to discussing the advantages of AI and human SEO that can work miracles together.

Artificial intelligence tackles keywords like no other

I want to set this crystal clear, trusting AIs with the creation of content, be it an email or a blog post from A to Z, is a mistake. Not to go too deep into the reasons why, let’s just say that content needs to be tailored for each client and as much as Associate Press claims to have over 3000 articles written by robots, it’s not worth it.

Wait, we are not here to belittle AI, the opposite, we’re about to highlight the benefits that AI brings to SEO. I’d love to have an epic reveal moment but the heading gave it away, so let’s get down to business. Google, Bing, Yahoo – all search engines require targeted keywords for high rankings. And that’s one of the things that SEO specialist do 24/7. Thanks to sophisticated algorithms, AI is godlike with picking and organizing the keywords. Furthermore, they are capable of running tests to find out which set of keywords performs the best. That’s the dream, isn’t it? Moral of the story is to assign keyword research and optimization to AI. It’s a lot more effective to let an algorithm deal with another algorithm.

Human SEO ensures the quality and uniqueness of the content

Suppose, you used exclusively AI to generate an article about renting unicorns for your website. Here is what you should expect. The keywords are top-notch, you rank high on Google and when someone types “renting unicorns near me,” your page pops up. Our imaginary prospective client visits your page only to find some vague content. He takes the mouse and instantly clicks on that X button and you, my friend, end up with no real value out of your article. I bet this is not your goal, instead, you want the clients to stay long enough on your page to get convinced and rent that unicorn. Human SEO specialists bring customer-oriented approach to the work, making sure that the content achieves its desired result. Keep in mind that AI has a huge database and its vocabulary is limited to it, which means, every once in awhile, it’s going to repeat itself and spam your website. Does Google like spams? It absolutely does not. Plus, machines will never be able to express human emotions through words the way we- humans, do.

Keyword to AI, content to human SEO specialists

A quick revision of how to keep the balance between manual and machine-based SEO. We let the AI do the keyword research and organize them so that we get high rankings. In the meantime, human SEO specialists make sure that the content is 100% unique and communicates the message that we want in order to boost sales. Tadam, an ultimate list of tasks to assign to AI and humans. As a matter of fact, this is a universal tip, you identify the advantages of your resources and implement those for a better result. So long as you follow this simple tip, your SEO game will be on and human specialists will keep their jobs.

About the Author

Areg Vardanyan is the founder and COO of AYYO Marketing. He’s a proud digital marketing geek with many years of experience in the sphere. He’s Godlike with Google (or so he believes).



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  1. Humanized SEO is going to fail, and it has already failed in organic search results. The social bookmarking sites cannot cover everything in a precise way due to which humans cannot rely upon them. On the other hand, an AI or artificial intelligence website will easily check all the information to produce results because computers don’t get tired. That’s why AI is going to win the competition.