Reveal Mobile Awarded Patent for Locating Mobile Devices and Building Profile Databases Using Beacon Proximity Activity

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Reveal Mobile, a leading innovator in monetizing location-based audience data, announced it has been issued a U.S. patent for a groundbreaking technology that determines the specific location of a mobile device via beacon proximity activity while also predicting where the device is likely to appear next.

Predictive Analytics Utilizing Proximity Determination” (U.S. Patent No.: 15/059,058) covers the invention of a method and system to refine and report the specific location of a beacon (e.g. name of the establishment such as a restaurant or retail store) and identity of the mobile device at the time of activation.

With a highly accurate physical location for each mobile device, relevant mobile advertising can then be delivered to specific mobile devices within proximity of a beacon at that time or in the future for retargeting purposes. Reveal Mobile’s technology can also provide highly accurate feedback on ads and information delivered as a result of proximity to a particular beacon by tracking click through data from all mobile devices in range of the beacon.

In addition, the technology enables advertisers to use a device’s historical location data to determine not only the locations a device is likely to visit beyond its current location but also the date/times that device is likely to visit those locations/retailers.

One of the greatest challenges in mobile advertising is getting an accurate sense for where people visit in the physical world,” said Brian Handly, CEO of Reveal Mobile. “Our patented beacon recognition technology addresses the need for creating highly accurate physical location identification of mobile devices. Our customers have already experienced the power of the Reveal Mobile platform. The patented technology sets new standards for how the industry collects, analyzes, and takes action on billions of location data signals. We’re continuing to disrupt the marketing landscape. Reveal Mobile’s technology not only predicts other locations that a device is likely to visit, but also significantly improves location data’s accuracy.”

A recent study by the Mobile Marketing Association found that 40 percent of marketers are concerned about the quality of location data. Additionally, it found that up to 70% of mobile user location data in the ad-tech ecosystem is insufficient quality for effective targeting.


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