GigaSpaces Launches InsightEdge 2.1 to Accelerate Insight-Driven Transformation

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GigaSpaces, a leading provider of in-memory computing (IMC) platforms, has upgraded InsightEdge, a Hybrid Transactional and Analytical  Processing platform, to support Apache Spark 2.1. InsightEdge leverages Spark and GigaSpaces’ open source IMC data grid, provides a mission  critical distributed RAM/SSD/SCM data store. The latest iteration of InsightEdge capitalizes on the recent enhancements to Spark, such as streaming,  data set API, and continuous real-time applications.

Spark has become a critical component for enterprises that need more value from their data, and its recent enhancements make it even more  important,” said Jason Stamper, Analyst, Data Platforms and Analytics, 451 Research. “Vendors that can integrate with Spark are opening their  customers to Spark’s rich open source ecosystem.”

Since launching in 2016, InsightEdge has grown tremendously, expanding GigaSpaces cross-vertical customer base. The latest version meets  increasing market demand for real-time, scalable analytics that connect insight to action for Spark users who require an insight platform for mission  critical fast data analytics. Its proven and secure IMC core is being used by hundreds of customers worldwide, supporting high performance  computing,high-availability and multi-data center replication through a cloud-native fabric.

Data-driven applications present an entirely new set of challenges which organizations must meet in order to be successful. The need to have  seamless integration between applications and data science is a tough requirement to meet,” said Ali Hodroj, VP of Products and Strategy for  GigaSpaces. “InsightEdge 2.1 is designed to simplify building applications that are insight-centric, deliver seamless scalability, and are driven by  Spark’s fast data analytics.”

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