Informatica Intelligent Data Platform Delivers Metadata-driven AI to Power Data-Driven Digital Transformation

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Informatica®, the provider of data management solutions, announced a new wave of innovation across the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform, the industry’s only end-to-end platform for data management and data-driven digital disruption. Central to today’s announcement is the introduction of CLAIRE, the metadata driven artificial intelligence in the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform.

Transforming Data Management with Intelligence

Informatica Intelligent Data Platform is an integrated platform combining award-winning Informatica products and data solutions for cloud data management, big data management, data integration, master data management, data quality & governance, and data security. It is the most complete and scalable data management platform available.

CLAIRE—with clairvoyance in mind and AI in the center—is the industry’s first and most advanced metadata driven artificial intelligence technology that is embedded in the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform delivering intelligence to the entire portfolio of Informatica data management products and solutions that include cloud data management, big data management, data integration, master data management, data quality & governance, and data security. Claire delivers artificial intelligence by applying machine learning to technical, business, operational, and usage metadata across the entire enterprise. This transformational scale and scope of metadata allows CLAIRE to help data developers find many tasks partially or fully automated, while business users find it easier to locate and prepare the data they are looking for from anywhere in the enterprise. Meanwhile, data scientists gain a faster understanding of data and data stewards find it easier to visualize data relationships.

Examples include:

  • Accelerating Data Delivery – CLAIRE can automatically deduce data domains such as people, products, codes, hire dates, locations and contact information across databases and unstructured files. It can also identify an entity such as a purchase order or health record that is made up of a collection of data domains. Similarly, CLAIRE can take data tags from users, identify and cluster all similar data objects, and automatically tag and classify other data, just as photo tagging identifies the same person across thousands of pictures.
  • Accelerating Business Data Self-Service – CLAIRE provides citizen data analysts and data scientists with intelligent data recommendations on which data sets to use for their projects. It will observe the data sets they are currently using and suggest other data sets that have been used in similar situations. CLAIRE can also automatically associate business with technical terms. For example, a term in the business glossary such as “Claims Paid Date” can be associated with a column in a table that is labelled something arcane like, “WX-CPD-ADG221.” This association is critical in providing business context to technical data so business users can discover and use it.

Digital transformation is driving disruption across all industries worldwide. Data is the differentiator and we live in a world where you are either a data-driven disruptor or one of the disrupted. Disruptors know that speed with intelligence are paramount when creating sustainable competitive advantage for the future,” said Amit Walia, executive vice president and chief product officer, Informatica. “CLAIRE uses metadata-driven artificial intelligence, to take data management to a new unsurpassed level of productivity, so that all enterprise data, whether in the cloud or on-premise, can be intelligently managed and served to the business at a speed and quality that meets the needs of new transformative business initiatives.”

Informatica Intelligent Data Platform Momentum

Informatica Intelligent Data Platform has posted many industry firsts. These include being the first hybrid data integration platform enabling our customers to execute on data management across all deployment models, data types, and latency. Additionally, new Informatica Intelligent Data Platform advances provide customers with game-changing capabilities for hybrid data management and enterprise data governance, areas essential to competing in an increasingly hybrid multi-cloud data-centric world.

New capabilities with today’s announcement include:

  • Bridge to Hybrid Data Management — Customers need to manage complex hybrid data environments while moving data and data processes to the cloud at their own pace. The Informatica Intelligent Data Platform enables customers to bridge existing on-premise environments with new cloud environments using familiar data integration interfaces, tools, skills and re-usable code. New hybrid data management innovations and capabilities integral to Informatica Intelligent Data Platform include:
    • Informatica Enterprise Information Catalog: A Google-like offering for discovering, understanding and managing all enterprise data residing in the cloud, on-premise and in big data environments is now available as part of Intelligent Data Platform. New features include automatic entity discovery, metadata scanners for unstructured data sources (Word, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.), and a new tool that enables customers and partners to create their own custom metadata scanners.
    • Informatica PowerExchange® for Cloud: All Informatica Cloud® connectors are now available to Informatica PowerCenter® developers, enabling them to easily connect cloud data sources and update the connection automatically as needed.
    • Support for Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure: Intelligent Data Platform components and services, including Informatica PowerCenter, Informatica Data Quality, Enterprise Information Catalog, Operational Intelligence and PowerExchange for Cloud, are available to be used on AWS and Azure.
  • Aggressive Big Data Support – The effectiveness of big data management developers depends on their ability to use the best and newest technologies available, without having to be an expert in any of them. New big data management capabilities available through Informatica Intelligent Data Platform include:
    • Support for Spark 2.0 and Kafka Streaming: Informatica is the first data management vendor to support Apache Spark 2.0 as well as real-time integration to Apache Kafka distributed streaming since December 2016.
    • Additional big data technology support: Informatica has also added support for important new big data technologies, such as Spark DI completion, MapR BD, SQOOP and Teradata TDCH.
    • Informatica PowerCenter interoperability and reuse: PowerCenter mappings can be optimized to run on Spark big data environments.
    • Informatica Big Data Management on AWS and Microsoft Azure: One-click install of Big Data Management on AWS and Azure is available.
  • Single Package for Trusted Data: Comprehensive Enterprise Data Governance — Until now, end-to-end data governance across the enterprise has been an elusive goal. Informatica Axon, the industry’s first fully integrated, enterprise data governance solution, is now generally available as a unified offering on top of the Intelligent Data Platform. Informatica Axon is the only governance offering to engage all constituencies, technical and business, to effectively govern an organization’s data. Informatica Axon integrates with Informatica data management solutions for data quality, master data management, big data and cloud.


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