Arcadia Data Accelerates Era of Data-Native Applications with Visual Analytics

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Arcadia Data, provider of visual analytics software that solves the most complex big data problems, announced the launch of Arcadia Enterprise 4.0. The platform enhancements enable enterprises to build, brand, share and embed data-centric applications, ultimately making Apache Hadoop and cloud-based data lakes more accessible and valuable to all users within and outside an organization. Complete with a new user interface (UI) and extranet deployment security, the platform serves as a bridge between business users and self-service access to big data for data discovery, powering next-generation data applications for new lines of business and revenue generation.

At PipelineRx, our mission is to advance pharmacy’s impact on patient care and improved outcomes through innovative telepharmacy solutions and technology,” said Ben Buxton, vice president of engineering at PipelineRx. “What excites us most about Arcadia Enterprise 4.0 is the visual analytics that allow us to deliver meaningful data for our clients, scale to thousands of users, and build highly-differentiated services that help define the industry.”

Arcadia Enterprise 4.0 offers enterprises a data-native, easy-to-use visual analytics and BI platform that is highly agile, scales with enterprise big data demands, allows for concurrent users and doesn’t require organizations to extract and move data, which can be prohibitively costly and complex. Moreover, Arcadia Data accelerates organizations to build revenue-generating big data applications.

Most highly scalable modern BI platforms are too IT-centric — they require significant involvement of technology management pros to set up, deploy and maintain them. On the other hand, some agile BI platforms, such as those that empower business users to be mostly self-sufficient, deliver such capabilities at the expense of scalability,” wrote Boris Evelson, vice president and principal analyst in the September 2016 Forrester report entitled ‘How To Scale Business Intelligence With Hadoop-Based Platforms.’ “Today, application development and delivery professionals working on BI initiatives are lucky to have an option to have the BI cake and eat it too: agile BI platforms that are also highly distributed.”

New significant capabilities of Arcadia Enterprise 4.0 that address enterprise needs include:

  • New Material Design based UI: Material Design — pioneered by Google Design in 2015 — provides a seamless workflow, and when paired with the Arcadia Data platform, enable a goal-oriented and uncluttered process. Users avoid context-switching with Arcadia-driven hints and suggested actions and next steps, without the need for extra tabs and pop-ups;
  • Accelerated insight-to-action: Proactive alerting and scheduling features drive next steps with dashboard alerts and email notifications based on conditional thresholds on real-time data. New visualization types such as network graph and dendrograms speed understanding of complex relationships;
  • Point-and-click rapid application design: Expanding both the access and use of all data sources across the organization for historical and real-time, Arcadia Enterprise provides a new responsive visual designer for users to easily define workflows and customize applications to meet company brand standards. Additionally, new application deployment features mean analysts can quickly develop and deploy from test to production environments with simplified application migration to accelerate time to market;
  • Secure extranet deployments for 1000s of users: Enterprises have a growing need to share data externally with customers, suppliers and partners. Blending principles from website design and data-centric applications, new secure extranet capabilities in Arcadia Enterprise 4.0 give organizations an easy way to publish data applications externally, while securely provisioning and controlling the exact sets of data that are safely published and accessible for deeper insights.

Organizations today fail to fully realize the value from their big data projects because they are hamstrung by business intelligence and visualization tools that only analyze a sub-segment of data extracted from Hadoop and other scale-out platforms and break at big data scale,” said Priyank Patel, co-founder and chief product officer at Arcadia Data. “By delivering a fully-distributed visual analytics solution that is easy for architects and developers to build, and users to embed and leverage to gain real-time insights, Arcadia Data is empowering organizations to solve their most complex big data problems.”

Arcadia Data has seen rapid adoption by leading organizations across a variety of industries. Analysts and citizen data scientists can use Arcadia Enterprise 4.0 for use cases such as developing customer 360 insights and digital marketing campaign intelligence; detecting and preventing cybersecurity threats and attacks before they develop; iterating financial risk models and designing data visualizations to provide transparency and auditability for regulatory compliance and trade surveillance; and turning IoT and sensor data from millions of devices into meaningful lifecycle analytics.

Partnering with cutting-edge technologies to solve the biggest problems our customers face has always been a priority for Cloudera,” said Tom Pinckney, senior director, partner sales at Cloudera. “With in-cluster execution in Cloudera’s data management platform, Arcadia Enterprise 4.0 accelerates our customers’ ability to easily and visually analyze all their data in high definition to drive actionable insights and create data-driven applications. This strengthens our partnership in serving our joint customers and working on innovative data solutions around connected IoT data, customer intelligence and cybersecurity.”

Arcadia Enterprise 4.0 will be available to users in the second quarter of 2017.


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