Hortonworks Advances Cloud Strategy with Availability of Hortonworks Data Cloud for Amazon Web Services

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hortonworksHortonworks, Inc. ® (NASDAQ: HDP), a leading innovator of open and connected data platforms, announced the availability of Hortonworks Data Cloud on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. Hortonworks Data Cloud for AWS enables users to harness the agility and elasticity of Apache® Hadoop™ and Apache® Spark™ in the cloud for powering new workloads and analytic applications. The new cloud service, powered by open source, delivers the most popular enterprise-grade capabilities of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®) with both hourly and annual billing options available on the AWS Marketplace.

Businesses’ demand for real-time decision making, gaining a competitive advantage and manageable costs are fueling three primary trends in the IT industry: Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things, and Big Data and Analytics. Hortonworks’ unique connected data architecture approach addresses each trend by giving organizations the optimal footprint for agility, elasticity, cost and most importantly, drives real-time analytics. With Hortonworks Data Cloud for AWS, businesses can achieve insight into data faster and with greater flexibility than was previously possible.

We are enabling modern applications on a connected data architecture and believe customers should have a consistent data experience across the cloud and the data center,” said Shaun Connolly, chief strategy officer, Hortonworks. “Hortonworks Data Cloud for AWS gives customers an on-demand cloud service for a prescriptive experience for the most common Hadoop, Spark and Hive use cases with community support and the flexibility of hourly and annual billing through existing AWS Marketplace accounts.”

Hortonworks Data Cloud for AWS is specifically optimized to run well on AWS for enterprise ephemeral workloads and is designed to integrate with AWS services such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon RDS and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). The new cloud service offers the following benefits for customers:

  • The ease-of-use of a cloud data platform as a service with a pay-as-you-go billing model.
  • The fastest on-ramp to running the most common Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark and Apache Hive workloads in the cloud.
  • A highly-prescriptive experience configured and pre-tuned for the most popular use cases (data science and exploration, data preparation and ETL, data analytics and reporting) enabling data scientists, developers and end users to be more productive.
  • More time to focus on processing and deriving value from data and less time configuring and operating data platform infrastructure.

Hortonworks is a true innovator when it comes to open source data platforms, which is why startups and enterprises alike depend on their solutions to deliver the analytics needed to power real-time business insights,” said Barry Russell, general manager of Global Business Development, AWS Marketplace and Catalog Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “AWS has many customers who want powerful open source-based applications like Hortonworks Data Cloud for AWS available in a managed software catalog, and this listing on AWS Marketplace gives them the ability to immediately purchase and deploy to start accelerating decision making right away.”


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