Couchbase Adds Full Text Search and Real-Time Analytics

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couchbaseCouchbase, Inc., a leader in database solutions for the Digital Economy, announced a range of new capabilities including full text search and real-time analytics that will dramatically simplify the way developers and architects build Digital Economy applications. With a single platform delivering operational, search and real-time analytical functionality, digital businesses can now create a range of intelligent and data-intensive applications without the complexity of mapping and moving data between disparate systems or the difficulty of managing multiple technologies.

Today, businesses expend considerable effort to get insights into its operational data. Typically, data is extracted from its operational database and then gets transformed and loaded into a data warehouse or a Hadoop cluster,” said Ravi Mayuram, senior vice president of engineering and products, Couchbase. “Getting insights from this data can take anywhere from hours to days. Couchbase Analytics will reduce time to insights to only seconds.”

Couchbase Analytics

Increasingly, customization and personalization of applications based on behavior has become key to the customer experience, and in-application analytics take personalization to the next level. Customer behaviors and patterns that enterprises are already tracking in their operational database can now be immediately leveraged to provide more relevant information, products or services back to the customer. With the elimination of ETL (Extract, Transfer, Load), jobs, and reduced dependency on other technologies, Couchbase Analytics simplifies the ability for digital businesses to develop highly-customized apps.

The Couchbase Analytics developer preview release empowers developers to run complex, ad-hoc queries on operational JSON data stored in Couchbase to get truly real-time insights using the new distributed parallel analytics engine. This analytics engine is delivered as an independently-scalable service using Couchbase’s breakthrough Multi-Dimensional Scaling technology, enabling users to run analytics on the same data platform without any impact to their business operations.

Consumers increasingly expect a personalized experience from the companies they engage with, driving the need for the analysis of operational data to support personalized experiences, content and offers,” said Matt Aslett, research director, data platforms and analytics, 451 Research. “As such, we anticipate growing demand for databases that support combined operational and analytic processing to deliver analytics services without impacting the performance of operational applications.”

Couchbase Full Text Search

The new Full Text Search capability, in developer preview, is built on the popular open-source project Bleve and is now fully integrated with Couchbase. This functionality enables developers to add rich text search features like faceting and relevance-based scoring to their apps without replicating data to a separate search system. A single click now extends the powerful management capabilities Couchbase is known for, like auto data distribution, rebalance and node failover, to the text search service.

At Seenit, we depend on our database to store hundreds of gigabytes of data associated with our videos, including entities, visual tags, transcriptions and sentiments,” said Dave Starling, CTO, Seenit. “We already extensively use N1QL for our structured querying, but now with full text search integrated into Couchbase, we can seamlessly search all this data and derive relevance-based intelligence using a single data platform.”

Couchbase Server 4.6

Digital businesses are increasingly dealing with interactions across a geographically-distributed customer base. For data like game scores, best-sellers, standby lists, live-streams and active stocks, it is now required for the application to manage these interactions in real-time with consistency. Couchbase Server 4.6 makes developing these highly-interactive, globally-distributed applications much simpler. Building on market-leading capabilities including Cross Data Center Replication (XDCR), Couchbase Server 4.6 adds multi-data center awareness, globally-ordered conflict resolution, and a range of other developer-centric features to speed up and simplify app development, enabling enterprises to reduce time-to-market and development costs.

Key features in Couchbase Server 4.6 include:

  • Collections via native data structures: lists, maps, sets and queues
  • Clients with multi-data center awareness: reads and writes to any data center
  • Replication with globally-ordered conflict resolution: concurrent writes, consistent data
  • Support for .NET Core: cross-platform, flexible deployment using .NET built for real-time cloud applications

Big Data Integrations with Spark and Kafka

Enhancing customer experience and engagement by going beyond the operational database is also becoming increasingly important to businesses. To build more intelligent, responsive applications, developers need technologies to continuously stream and analyze data changes. The new Couchbase Spark 2.0 and Kafka 3.0 Connectors enable this analysis and dynamically adapt to any change in deployment topologies and environments.

Couchbase Spark Connector 2.0
With this release comes:

  • Support for Spark 2.0 and its structured streaming API – a better way to continuously analyze operational data
  • Support for Couchbase Cluster topology changes – allowing users to seamlessly adapt their sophisticated analytics processing to the constantly changing production environment
  • Significantly improved stream performance – enabling Spark analytics on fresher data

There are several big data challenges that a combination of Apache Spark and next-generation databases like Couchbase can solve together,” said John Tripier, senior director of business development, Databricks. “We are excited to see how the Couchbase Spark Connector has rapidly evolved and now includes support for Spark 2.0, as well as dynamic topologies, making it easier for customers to build and manage advanced analytical processing on their operational data.”

Couchbase Kafka Connector 3.0

With this release comes:

  • Support for Kafka Connect – a framework for building scalable and secure stream data pipelines with Kafka
  • Support for Couchbase Cluster topology changes – allowing stream data pipelines to dynamically adapt to the constantly changing, deployed environments

Streaming platforms simplify the creation and management of data pipelines, enabling businesses to respond in real-time to the increasing number of signals from the environments in which they operate,” said Jabari Norton, vice president of business development at Confluent. “With the release of a new connector based on our open-source Schema Registry and Apache Kafka’s Connect API, we’re pleased to partner with Couchbase on supported integration with Kafka and Confluent.”


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