Manage Deploys MemSQL for Real-Time Analytics

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memsql_featureBIG DATA USE CASE

MemSQL, provider of the database platform for real-time analytics, revealed that Manage, a leader in programmatic mobile marketing and advertising, has deployed MemSQL to power real-time analytics. Manage helps enterprises like Uber, Wish, and Amazon manage global mobile marketing campaigns by buying real-time programmatic inventory to drive the most engaging users to mobile applications.

Manage provides a robust data analytics platform for uncovering valuable insights and ad campaign efficiencies. Users can track engagement and impressions on mobile ads with a real-time dashboard. Previously, Manage used Hadoop to power their underlying statistics pipeline, but it took up to two hours for data to populate the dashboard. The mobile advertising industry is predicated on delivering up-to-date, personalized content in real-time. Lag time represents lost opportunities, dollars, and customers. Now, Manage uses MemSQL to power the statistics pipeline in real time, and campaign statistics refresh in minutes. In addition, the Manage engineering team can summarize raw event data in various MemSQL table dimensions to create personalized campaign performance reports for every customer, and query data directly through the Manage Reporting API, a capability that was previously not achievable.

Manage reaches over 1.5 billion users across hundreds of thousands of mobile apps.  Not only do we drive clicks and installs of advertisers’ applications, we also analyze data and optimize campaigns toward post-install engagements such as purchases, registrations, or moves played within a game,” said Kai Sung, CTO, Manage. “With MemSQL, we have built a highly scalable, real-time data pipeline that ingests and summarizes data as fast as we produce it. Our analytics team is able to run ad-hoc queries on log-level data within seconds. We can be confident that as our traffic grows, our data pipelines can easily scale with it. ”

Manage logs 1TB of data daily, including bid responses, impressions, clicks, installs and events across advertising campaigns. The team uses MemSQL Streamliner, an Apache Spark solution, to first stream log data from Apache Kafka, then store it in the MemSQL columnstore for further processing. As new data arrives, the pipeline de-duplicates the data and aggregates it into various summary tables within MemSQL. This data is then made available to the external reporting dashboard and Reporting API.

A core tenet of our database is delivering on the promise of real-time,” said Eric Frenkiel, CEO and co-founder, MemSQL. “MemSQL delivers the speed and cost-efficiency that enables Manage to better serve its customers fresh analytics on constantly changing data. Our columnstore also provides the engineering team with flexibility to add new columns and adapt schemas to new business requirements, so they can rapidly make high volumes of data actionable.”

Ultimately, MemSQL provides the speed Manage needs to process data and react quickly to changes in the real-time marketplace. In the coming months, Manage intends to build more applications leveraging the MemSQL real-time pipeline, as well as migrate additional data processing jobs into the database, resulting in faster performance at reduced cost.


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