Snowflake Announces New Self-Service Data Warehouse

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Snowflake_logoSnowflake Computing, the data warehouse built for the cloud, announced Snowflake On Demand – a fast and simple sign-up process for data users of any type to get immediate insight from the most affordable and effective data warehouse. With a virtual swipe of a credit card on Snowflake’s website, data users can access the only data warehouse built for the cloud. They can easily store and analyze their data without relying on their own IT group to get up and running quickly. Snowflake On Demand will be available in November.

Snowflake smashes the access barrier to data by extending its end-to-end, intuitive and fully automated, built-for-the-cloud data warehouse to all data users. Organizations of any size can sign up, load their data and immediately take advantage of Snowflake’s unique and modern cloud infrastructure and technology. From a few terabytes to multiple petabytes of data, Snowflake customers will experience the performance, concurrency and simplicity of a modern, cloud-built data warehouse.

This latest initiative in Snowflake’s customer-centric strategy further advances its cloud-built data warehouse as the optimal and only place organizations need to store and analyze all of their data. Snowflake continues to knock down the cost, access, geography and technology barriers constructed by legacy systems. With Snowflake, organizations can acquire insight from all of their data to better serve their customers, advance their companies and lead their industries.

Helping customers to access their data easily and at scale is fundamental to their success with analytics,” Tableau director of product management, Robert Green says. “Snowflake’s elastic and flexible architecture is helping our joint customers find more insight and make better decisions with their data.”

Snowflake On Demand delivers customers the following features/benefits:

  • A simple and secure sign-up process
  • Access to all Snowflake Standard Edition features including Time Travel, automatic data encryption, instant cloning and more
  • A $400 credit toward first month’s usage
  • Content and tutorials to help customers get started with Snowflake
  • A built-in, “Getting Started”, guided experience within Snowflake
  • Ready-to-use sample data sets, including weather and stock ticker data

Snowflake is already a powerful product that’s easy and affordable to use,” Snowflake CEO, Bob Muglia said. “With Snowflake On Demand, we’ve now made our cloud-built data warehouse easily accessible to anyone who works with data. From the smallest organization to the largest enterprise, Snowflake customers can now realize the benefits of data without limits.”


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