New Release of DriveScale System Unlocks Fastest Path to Workload-ready, Big Data Infrastructures

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drivescale_logoDriveScale, the company that is pioneering flexible, scale-out computing for the enterprise using standard servers and commodity storage, announced its new release of the DriveScale System. With DriveScale’s 60 percent reduction in hardware acquisition costs and triple the improvement in server and storage utilization, organizations can say yes to more big data workloads. As the first solution on the market that empowers mainstream enterprises to quickly and easily adopt a scale-out infrastructure, DriveScale gives data center managers the power to dynamically modify their infrastructures, enabling administrators to provision new projects in hours versus weeks.

DriveScale solves the common over-provisioning issues that IT administrators face, helping scale-out operators improve utilization of existing resources and become responsive to end users’ needs in real time,” said S.K. Vinod, Vice President of Product Management at DriveScale. “We do this by breaking the rigid relationship between compute and storage, making it possible to change the boundaries of compute clusters, assign resources on demand and eliminating hardware siloes.”

Enterprises use the DriveScale System to future-proof their infrastructure, maximize data center efficiency and deliver higher service levels to their customers. DriveScale’s disaggregation and recomposition technology is designed to better manage compute and storage resources by treating them as separate pools and then flexibly binding them together as required by modern applications. The advancements in the latest version of the DriveScale System improve scale-out data center infrastructure deployments in the following ways:

  • Fastest path to workload-ready infrastructure. With improved storage-ready functionality, customers can format drives with a filesystem of their choice and easily identify all the drives in the OS. DriveScale System now supports pre-formatting drives with one of three filesystem types – ext3, ext4 and xfs – making it significantly easier for customers to create server templates and clusters and to get systems up and running workloads faster than ever before possible.
  • Expanded server OS support for building big data infrastructures. With support for additional, widely-adopted enterprise class operating systems built for big data and cloud including CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 14, customers can benefit from the advancements made in community supported operating systems.
  • Proactive monitoring and issue rectification via real-time alerting. Built directly into the user interface, the new alerting mechanism works in real time to enable system administrators to quickly and easily identify potential issues across their systems and address them before they escalate.

Building on the customer traction of DriveScale’s initial product offering, we are now delivering the industry’s most advanced solution for flexible data center infrastructure, giving mainstream enterprises the path to realizing the promise of big data workloads on frameworks like Hadoop,” said Vinod. “We know from real-world customer feedback that this latest version of our platform empowers organizations to custom build a data center that fits their needs and access its full potential by eliminating the many problems that arise when combining traditional rack servers and modern big data applications.”


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