Tectonic Launches “Analytics in the Cloud”

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Tectonic_logoTectonic, a premier big data analytics provider of cloud consulting, marketing automation and CRM transformation services for enterprise and middle-market organizations within the verticals of consumer services, healthcare and life sciences, media and entertainment, financial services, technology and software, education, and non-profit work, announced the launch of its Analytics in the Cloud program. The new program provides companies with a clear path to cloud migration with the ability to test new technologies and ensure they have the best solutions to meet their organizations’ unique data management and analytics needs.

Analytics in the Cloud includes two new service offerings, MoveIt and SolveIt, which will enable companies to experience data warehouse and analytics tools and services prior to implementing a full migration for their organizations. MoveIt offers expert support for IT departments in migrating on-premise data and analytics platforms to the cloud through planning, guidance and re-architecture/development services for a seamless transition for even the largest organization. SolveIt is a fully interactive, cloud-based analytics platform (SaaS model) that analyzes organizational behaviors to offer descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive insights with actionable steps to optimize a company’s performance.

Big data analytics within cloud platforms offers tremendous potential and promise but can also require big vision and commitment upfront before any value is realized. Our latest offerings remove many of the unknowns so IT and data professionals know exactly what they’re getting,” stated Blair Linville, Tectonic’s Founder and CEO. “With our new vision around Analytics in the Cloud, we’ll guide companies through onboarding processes, building appropriate plans for each, and helping CIOs avoid the rising costs and inefficiencies involved with on-premise platforms.”

The new program allows businesses to lean on experts and service providers to address common concerns (such as daily data management/integration and ongoing application development) and provide the proper services, training and resources for organizations to build an agile culture that caters to customer needs efficiently and effectively.

Benefits of cloud migration through Analytics in the Cloud include:

  • Cost reduction: Organizations no longer need to allocate time and money towards building and maintaining on-premise systems or estimating computational capacity. There are also no up-front capital investments or multi-year equipment leases with depreciating value.
  • Increase elasticity: Companies can automatically grow and shrink computing resources/usages models, based on their business and analytics needs, while only paying for the services and computing resources consumed.
  • Strong data security: Cloud providers guarantee strict security provisions and compliance with data privacy requirements, providing a more secure environment than companies that have data stored on-premise.
  • Fully integrated BI/Analytics platform: Cloud platform components are built to work together enabling you to quickly assemble the cloud services that you need together to meet your analytics needs in days instead of weeks.

Since launching, Tectonic has managed over 400 successful CRM implementations for enterprise and middle-market organizations around the globe. Tectonic’s team consists of over 20 GCP cloud engineers and 75 developers with over 130 certificates.


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